The Importance of Motivating Staff

Why is staff motivation so important?

Your clients need the best care and customer service to keep them coming back and get them recommending your salon! If a member of staff loses motivation their attitude to work can go downhill and this will reflect in the service they are giving.

A client can tell if a therapist hasn't got much interest in them or the treatment and they will not be happy with the service they've received. 

Clients also like familiarity; they get used to seeing the same therapist. A lack of motivation however can lead to the therapist getting bored and seeking new challenges, challenges they're not currently getting from you. This can promote change and encourage them look for something else. A high staff turnover isn't great for salon reputations and clients will wonder why therapists keep leaving.

A motivated work team will put more time and effort in. There will generally be better attendance and more flexibility from motivated staff which means your clients won’t be let down. They will be more willing to go the extra mile for the clients.

It’s great when your staff want the business to do well as much as you do so motivating them will give them more interest in the success of the business.

There is generally a better atmosphere which makes it nicer for everyone to work in thus promoting stronger teamwork.

How to motivate staff

Each of your staff members are individuals and might be motivated by different things:

  • Some people (maybe quite a lot actually!) are money driven.
  • Some prefer 'gifts' rather than money such as products or vouchers as this feels like more of a 'prize' or reward.
  • And then there are those who are just craving your praise!

When thinking of ways to motivate your staff make sure you include things that will appeal to all of the different types.

Commission schemes and targets

Earning commission on treatments and retailing products can drive your staff to want to do more. If staff only get paid an hourly rate they will be paid the same whether they are sitting doing nothing or doing lots of treatments. Hopefully the therapists would prefer to be doing treatments anyway but if they know that they actually earn more money if they squeeze in that extra eyebrow wax or move their lunch break to accommodate a client then the salon, the therapist and the client benefit!


Sometimes a simple well done or thank you is all that's needed to show that their hard work hasn't gone unnoticed.


Earning rewards for doing well or hitting targets is a great way to motivate staff. They may have been lusting after a new product that you've started doing so offering them that product when they sell a certain amount is going to get them making a real effort to telling all the clients about your fab new product. It’s great for when you’re really trying to promote something, you wont be hearing the 'oh I forgot to tell them' excuse.

Get them involved in the business

If the staff are more involved in the business they will take more of an interest in how the business is doing. You may not want to disclose actual figures with them but letting them know how you're doing compared to previous years and giving them praise when it’s doing well will get them striving to make the next month better too as they know the hard work is paying off. 

Asking them for their opinion when making decisions or giving them a project such as creating an offer or promotion will also give them more of a reason to care about how it does.

A motivated work team should make for a happier environment for everyone to work in which keeps staff retention high meaning less stress for the salon owner! A good atmosphere will also reflect onto your clients which helps with client retention too; they like to see the same faces and like to know therapists are being treated well. This boosts your reputation and gets more clients recommended to you. Happy staff and happy clients = a successful salon.

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