The Joys of Grey Hair

Mine, like many others’, are also rather coarse which makes them really quite resistant to colour. I have tried pretty much every brand to cover them properly and have finally settled on Wella’s koleston range for not only myself but for any of my clients that have had the same trouble getting perfect coverage. I used to have to pre-soften those resistant greys by applying a dose of straight 20 vol (6%) for a few minutes before the application. Although left on for just a few minutes it became time consuming both for myself and for the client as it was like applying the colour twice. Thanks to fantastic Wella however, there’s no need any more!

Some of you lucky people go a lovely silver grey or even pure white which can look amazing when left natural, but of course not many people are actually happy with what they naturally have. For example a lot of straight haired people want curls and naturally curly haired people would sometimes prefer straight hair; blondes want to be dark and dark haired people often go blonde etc! 

Of course not everybody wants to completely cover their grey hairs as well as not everybody wants to be totally naturally grey; there are lots of other options such as different colouring methods. Highlights, lowlights or wedges (large triangular sections of hair taken from carefully selected places depending on how the hair sits naturally or how it is styled – normally in vibrant colours and just 2 or 3 sections throughout the hair) can all be used to adapt grey hair. 

How I would add colour to different tones of grey really does depend on a number of things. Skin tone, the colour of that particular client’s greys and the personality and lifestyle of the client are all important factors adhering to the chosen colour. It must suit not only the skin tone and personality but also the type of job they do as not all employers are impressed with vibrant tones! 

Grey hair can look amazing as we said before and those lucky people who go a lovely silver or white should show them off in my opinion. People always think that going grey is going to add years to you but actually it is not always the case. The best thing to do if you are lucky enough to have such a lovely shade is to go into a makeup store or perhaps a make counter within a department store and explain that your hair is changing and your skin tone probably is too. This also happens to most of us as we get older, but if we change our makeup and clothing colours to suit our change in our natural tones we enhance this and in turn it makes us look younger! 

I believe that sticking with your old colours in makeup and clothes can end up making us look older as the grey stands out more because it often doesn’t suit the makeup we used to wear. I would always say if you’re not sure how to change your colours to enhance this properly, get a ‘second opinion. This may be a great friend who you know will be honest or a professional. When the time comes to embrace these changes I do believe this is the best way to do it. The same goes for people like myself who are not ready to show off the grey; as I get older and my skin starts to change colour, I too will be getting myself down to my department store to speak to a beauty consultant!

Now for those of you who are like me and completely cover your grey hairs at the moment, it’s always the big question of how to tackle the natural re-growth, as it won’t look too good just to let that harsh regrowth line grow down. I’m a level 5 so it certainly wouldn’t be pretty! Sometimes you can get away with growing it straight out but this obviously depends on the shade you were and the shade you are about to be. If there’s not that much noticeable difference in depth then you can usually get away with it but tone does matter too, basically play it by ear; grow the roots a little bit if you feel they are really noticeable then get yourself into the salon for advice. Probably highlights or lowlights will be the way to go to soften that regrowth line while it grows out and eventually you will be totally natural! 

There is no right or wrong age to let your greys show through; it really depends on all the things mentioned above. The most important thing of all is how you feel about them. Secondly I think everyone should definitely seek advice about those make up changes, even if you’re like me and don’t really wear much you will still need to change foundations and probably mascaras too. Most people wear black and that can also look rather harsh against older skin. 

Do all these things when you feel ready and I’m confident we will all grow old gracefully and beautifully!

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