The life of a hairdresser

As a hairdresser of 13 years I have seen all the good and bad sides of the job. One thing is for sure everyday is different and every person who walks in that door walks out with a smile that is why I love being a hairdresser. If you want to help people look and feel a million dollars then you will be doing the right job, from the young to the elderly, male or female you will meet people from all walks of life all with different stories to tell so if you are a good listener and can talk to anyone this is the job for you but there is one thing you always have to remember ALWAYS WEAR A SMILE.

My loves

When someone wants a restyle or a complete change of colour and you are the one to give them their new look, the feeling you get when you see that they love it is fantastic and you know you have given that person such confidence and joy you cant help but feel like you have achieved something great. But I have to admit the one thing I love the most is bridal hair, because there is nothing that can give you more satisfaction than helping the bride create their perfect look and seeing them looking radiant, beautiful and how they had only imagined looking for their once in a lifetime day, in my eyes you can never beat that feeling as you have helped them complete their look for their wedding.

The downside

Now the negatives, which there is only one that is being stood on your feet for about 9 hours a day. If this doesn't put you off then hairdressing could be for you. Hairdressing is a very rewarding and is a great social job so you will never get bored as no day is the same and no person you meet has the same tales to tell or problems they want to share.

It is not all about the weather and holidays there is a lot more to it than that which is why I love my job so much and feel very lucky I am able to offer a service to people that will make them smile.


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