The Makings of a Beauty Therapist

Throughout any career, it's easy to see a profession that paints a pretty picture. I think the beauty profession is one of these. The painted picture is often one of young, pretty girls that sit and paint nails all day and do each other's make up.

The true picture is one of long working hours with large amounts of physical work and the added bonus of being a strong shoulder to cry on and having a good set of ears for listening to customers problems (oh and a pack of hankies in your pocket, just incase!).

It's pretty much a known fact that the industry isn't very well paid. I think that is the reason why you have to show the hidden extras of a person that truly loves their job for what it is, with the pay as a little extra.

The job of a beauty therapist involves invading people's personal space. Where clients can be feeling a little vulnerable and self-conscious about themselves as they lie in a room in slightly awkward positions with someone they may never have met before and pay for the privilege!

So, how do you truly know if this job is for you? Well, when nothing shocks you, you have an approachable nature and have the ability to calm people down when they are in your presence.

Would you be prepared to go that extra mile? I know I would be, and that in itself makes me feel special to know that I am one of only a few people that can say, they truly have found their vocation in life.

I love my job as a beauty therapist. I am proud of the services and advice that I can offer to all my clients from over fifteen years of experience.

The main beauty with my profession is that every day is a whole new learning curve and you are never too old to open your mind to new learning. Yes, it's stressful and like any job, I have my bad days. But tomorrow is always a whole new day, with new challenges to face, head on!

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