The Must Have Makeup Bag Essentials

Whether a simple tinted moisturizer and liquid liner or a chest-of-drawers-full makeup collection, every woman uses some form of makeup. With every year we age, we find ourselves reaching for a different range of products or trying to keep up with the endless new trends and releases.

It gets to be virtually impossible to stick to the same cult product for years on end. It doesn’t help that our needs are constantly changing. The younger we are, the more experimental we get. The older, the less we can pack on. It gets exhausting to figure out what you can pull off and what can work for you. Well, this article is guaranteed to save you a few frown lines. This list of seven beauty products is bound to be your new go-to roundup of timeless and always-classic products that everyone should equip themselves with. Let’s take the guesswork out of what makeup you need or should own, pick up a product in each of these categories and you’ve got yourself a makeup kit that can cater to all your needs and desires as well as a few staples to help switch up your look on occasion. Let’s dive right in and see what products every woman should hold in her makeup bag!

Moisturizer Containing SPF

Whether preventative or protective- SPF is something every woman of every age should be using daily. This simple step is an absolute must to protect your skin from harmful rays and prevent as much aging as you can. Whether you’re suffering dark spots or already noticing wrinkles- it’s safe to say you understand the need for SPF. If not, now’s your chance! This is an easy staple that you can spend as much or as little as you’d like on. Pick one up at your local Boots or splurge on Cult Beauty- either way just make sure you have one of these in your collection at all times. The best way to kill two birds with one stone is to make sure to get a moisturizing SPF. There are tons of these on the market, most moisturizers come with SPF in them anyway- just make sure to opt for one with a higher level of protection. Moisturizing is on par with the importance of protection. Making sure your skin is getting the moisture it needs can also help protect you from signs of aging, as well as improving your skin’s texture both instantly as well as in the long term. Do yourself a huge favour and use this product religiously!


While most women are lucky enough to get away without a heavy duty foundation, almost everyone can use a touch of concealer here or there. Concealers are a must-have step to every makeup routine. Whether you need one to correct those dark circles or cover up that pesky little spot, concealers can come in handy in every way. Just a few dabs of the right concealer can take your skin from looking tired and haggard to radiant and flawless. Choose one that caters to your specific needs, you can choose from those that’ll give you intense coverage or a more lightweight peach-toned one that will give a brightening effect. Concealers are so versatile and you can honestly get away with no foundation if you just apply this to the right spots! Bonus tip: take some of your concealer onto your eyelid to cancel out any veins or discolouration and to give you a base for any shadow you might like to use!

Powder- Pressed or Translucent

After the first two products, you’re going to find your skin feeling hydrated and covered but to avoid losing all the hard work you’ve put in you need to set it all in place. Powders are also extremely versatile. You can use a powder to really intensely bake your under eyes or you can just lightly brush them across your entire face- either way you’re going to need one to set everything and make sure it doesn’t move throughout the day or settle in any creases or wrinkles. This product will also be your saviour throughout the day, powder is the best thing you can use to touch up or freshen up as the day progresses! Bonus tip follow up: set the concealer on your eyelids to avoid it settling in the crease of your lids and to give you a flawless airbrushed look!

Bronzer or Blush

This product is definitely interchangeable depending on your needs- but you absolutely need one or the other! After evening out your skin tone and covering up with the previous products, you’re going to need to put some colour back into your skin. There’s nothing like a brush of blush or bronzer to just put some life and youth back into your look, a pale mono-toned base can often leave you looking drab and tired. A rosy tint to your cheeks is the quickest way to leave you looking younger and fresh, or you can even opt for an intense pop of colour to take your look from day to night!

Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

One of the best inventions the beauty world has given us is eyeshadow palettes, but it is also the most confusing. This category easily holds the widest variety of options; it’s no wonder that most fanatics boast collections that can contain dozens of palettes. It is virtually impossible to be satisfied with one alone and even more impossible to resist all the beautiful palettes being released. Nonetheless, an eyeshadow palette is an absolute must. Your best call is to opt for a neutral palette, this can be anything ranging from a quad or a 35 shade palette- either way, find a palette that consists entirely of neutral nudes and brown shades, and there are hundreds on the market. You’re going to get so much use out of this, so it’s worth splurging on to get a high quality option. This is going to help give your eyes more depth and dimension, from a full glam look to a brush of colour in your crease to give you definition. Bonus tip: apply this to your upper lash line to skip the step of liner- this will give you the same definition but look a lot lighter and more natural!


Mascara is an absolute must! Just a few coats of this is guaranteed to completely transform your look and open your eyes up! You can build your mascara up as much as you’d like for a natural or dramatic look. Either way, this is one of the products that are going to complete your look and bring everything together. Even if you have barely-there lashes, this step is still going to do wonders for you. Apply this both on top and on the bottom lashes to give you a fluttery doll-like look!

Bold Lip

Some may argue that this product isn’t an absolutely necessity; I beg to differ. Nothing can take your look from drab to glam or day to night like a bold lip! You can go for the absolute classic red or a fall berry lip- this product can really be any colour as long as it’s a bold statement and packs a lot of punch! A bold lip is as necessary as a signature little black dress; every woman needs one, and it’s guaranteed to leave you feeling glam as ever!

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