The New Celebrities

Until five years ago I had never heard of the word 'facialist' or 'threader'. But now these terms have become synonymous with excellence within the beauty industry. And the people who have coined these phrases have become as famous as their clients.

Vaishaly, Shavata, Arezoo and Eve are all responsible for grooming the rich and famous. These beauty therapists are the Rolls Royce when it comes to waxing, facials and grooming. But not only that - they have become celebrities in their own right.

Gone are the days when a facial would be a basic ritial of cleanse, tone and moisturise with a quick massage thrown in for good measure. Now there is microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage, holistic massage and even face mapping.

A facial has always been a treat and a relaxing way to unwind but now it is considered a necessity in the quest for perfect skin.

Vaishaly Patel's client list reads like a 'who's who' and she was also instrumental in introducing threading to the nation. But whereas you might expect to pay up to £4 for a 5 minute threading re-shape at your local salon, Vaishaly charges up to £40. So what exactly are you paying for?

Quite simply, the best!

Notable beauty gurus have experience, knowledge and most importantly celebrity endorsements. They innovate and create new techniques which local salons follow. So if you want to experience a slice of celebrity living then book an appointment with these sought after gurus today!

And remember next time you read about Jennifer Anistion's flawless skin just remember it's not just luck - it's down to her trusted therapist!

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