The Pros and Cons of Working on a Beauty Counter

Beauty Consultant Jobs

The Pros:

  • Free products. Always a massive bonus if you also happen to be working for one of your favourite brands. If you don't received free products then the likelihood is you will receive products at good discounted rates
  • Department store discount cards. Some (not all) department stores will give beauty counter staff store discount cards which can mean shopping is more fun!!
  • Juicy sales incentives. In retail sales positions there's nearly always an attractive perk to achieving your sales targets. Often you'll receive bonuses if you hit sales targets
  • Working with products
  • Meeting people, sociable work environment.

The cons:

  • Unsociable working hours. This isn't a job for those looking for a 9-5 existence. Expect to work weekends and some evenings usually on a shift basis
  • Sales targets. Now some people thrive on aiming for sales targets whilst others view them with dread.
  • Traffic stopping. Essentially approaching customers withing the store with a view to promoting and selling your products
  • Boredom in quiet times. Of course during quiet times there's the chance to clean down the counter, make sure the product displays are complete and update stock levels but there's only so many times you can check over the counter before boredom sets in.
  • Long periods of time spent on your feet. This can be a killer if you're not wearing comfortable footwear. Expect to be on your feet for hours at any given time!
  • Awkward customers
  • Sometimes you can only wear your brands products. If you already have the products or are given free samples then great. If not can prove fairly expensive.

If you have worked on a beauty counter then contact us at with your experiences both positive and negative that we can share with other viewers.

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