The Real 'X' Factor

Why did I book this? I must be crazy; I'm so not feeling up to going now my confidence seems to have vanished. Sounded like a good idea at the time, a relaxing pamper day it said full body massage followed by a luxurious facial. Sounds heaven sent oh god, what have I let myself in for?! I am about to get massaged by a tiny model like creature who is probably cringing at the thought of having to massage my blubber. I do anything to avoid a mirror these days and cant believe im going to let a complete stranger see my lumpy bits, never mind TOUCH them! Well, here goes!..

Ok so that wasn't too bad the walking in the door part. She seems nice and now she has given me a health questionnaire to fill in. Probably just scared I'll croak it on the table.. oh god what have I done?! I can picture it now..she will give me those tiny paper knickers I wont fit on the bed or if I do, I won't be on it for long by the time it strains under my load.oh god she is coming back

"All done?" she asks, all bright and breezy erm hello? I am cough cough stone and I know that smile has got to be fake! But we carry on with the fake smiles and the small talk as we go into the treatment room. No paper knickers in sight.. the bed feels pretty sturdy.. and thank you lord.. a towel big enough for even king kong to look cozy in! Maybe it wont be so bad

How many of us have been in a treatment like this? Of course the client would not want us to know she was feeling this insecure and nervous. In our industry we are not just a beauty therapist or a hairdresser, we wear many hats and have to use a lot of judgment to provide not only a top quality experience, but the bigger picture i.e. making the clients feel comfortable and at ease. We have to be approachable, discreet and of course sensitive to each and every customer that includes Mrs. Jones who insists on putting the paper knickers on her head for an exfoliation treatment, or even Jenny from the cafe who decided to strip naked for a leg wax.

Every client is different and that is what makes this industry one of the best. People are putting their trust in us and we have the power to make or break not only their day but the way they think about themselves. There is nothing better than finishing your treatment and seeing a change in the client as she goes out the door - that feeling you get when you wear something new on a night out, that extra bounce in your step, the extra twinkle in your eye - we have the power to create that!

That is not the reason I became a Beauty Therapist, but is definately the reason I will continue!

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