The 'S' Factor

Published on: 17 Feb 2007

When you're smiling , the whole world smiles with you; this is the smile factor

However, this facial expression is not going to happen if we don't like what is revealed with the parting of those lips! More often than not people feel that the colour, shape, size and texture of teeth, determine the perfect smile. Enhancing our lips in addition to improving our teeth is also part of a growing trend of smile makeovers.

Let's face it there was a time when Brits were known for having crooked and discoloured teeth but no more! Cosmetic dentistry is no longer confined to the vain, rich and famous. Last year it was reported that more than 100,000 people in Britain paid to have their teeth whitened. People in the UK are now splashing out for the perfect smile in record numbers.

A man who is no stranger to smile makeovers is Dr Fredrik Andersson of Dental Studio 22 ( based in Harley Street, London. Originally from the country that has given the world ABBA, Pippi Longstocking and IKEA - yes, that's right he's from Sweden.

Swedish dentists are known for their outstanding dental education all over the world. A lot of the top dental research comes from the Swedish dental schools. Luckily for us this extremely popular, highly trained, and dare it be said aesthetically pleasing Swede moved to London to share his dental skils 11 years ago. His clientele include celebrities as well as the general public. He also specialises in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, dermal fillers and is a qualified botox surgeon.

According to Dr Andersson:

' It is a very special experience to be part of improving someone's life by giving them the smile that they want. The aesthetic of the face has always interested me and I feel fortunate to be able to work with several parts of the face and not only the teeth. FEW are better suited to carry out Botox and derma fillers since we have a huge experience in working with our hands and needles (local anaesthetic) and a very thorough education of the body and the face in particular.'

Teeth whitening, veneers, changing black amalgam fillings to tooth coloured and injectables including botox and derma fillers are all in a day's work for Dr Andersson. One of his most requested treatments is Bonding, for those looking to improve their smile. This is a refined technique that is an alternative to veneers, with the major difference that it is a totally non-invasive technique and no tooth substance is removed. Dr Andersson changes the shape of the teeth by adding on to the teeth and then sculpting and polishing them to the desired shape. It is a very useful way of closing gaps between teeth and changing angles of the teeth to create a more harmonious smile. This technique is also very good for building up chipped or worn teeth.


Dentistry and tooth whitening

For anyone hoping to become a dentist, a degree in dentistry is the first step. This takes around five years to complete and leads to a degree (BDS or BChD). For further information visit On graduating it is important to register with General Dental Council (GDC) in order to practice. The GDC considers the carrying out of dentistry by non-registrants to be a criminal offence and believes that it is illegal for non-dental professionals to be offering tooth whitening treatment. They recommend that only dentists, dental hygienists and dental therapists on the prescription of a dentist, can carry out the procedure.

Derma fillers and Botox

It is recommended by manufacturers that only medically qualified practitioners carry out botox, collagen, hyaluronic acid and other derma filler treatments. Therefore nurses, as well as general practitioners, cosmetic doctors, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, opthalmologists and some private dentists may offer one or a range of derma filler options.

Please note that manufacturers do not recommend that beauticians or any other person outside the medical profession carry out these treatments.