The Top 5 Skills a Beautician Needs to Succeed

Published on: 27 Sep 2016

Passion - In order to be the best you can be in any line of work you need to have passion. Passion to motivate yourself, your employees, your customers and your business, you need to be able to inject life and vitality into the services that you offer so you can inform clients about them with confidence. Passion for your job will give you the drive you need to succeed, it will be pushing you forward making you eager to learn new techniques, and it allows you to stay current and even ahead of the crowd!

Knowledge - There’s a whole multitude of paths you can take within the beauty industry so make sure you chose something you love which you can develop overtime but most importantly make sure that you know your business and the services that you offer inside and out. Being able to exude knowledge and go through procedures/treatment plans confidently and clearly with clients will be key when looking at client retention, it builds trust between the therapist/client relationship as your client will be aware that you are clued up and have faith that you will provide them with a great treatment. Active listening is also a very important skill to develop so that you can really listen to your clients, it might sound silly at first but if your clients are being listened to it allows you to be able to tailor the treatment to fit the client perfectly, it gives them the treatment they want and deserve and is also the perfect skill in order to fill out an in depth consultation form with them to really understand what your client needs.

Dedication - In order to succeed you must be dedicated, not only to your business but to your learning too. As we know the beauty industry is all about the next big thing so keeping up to date with new trends is a great way to bring in new clientele regardless of whether you are operating as a salon or if you are employed; the more eggs you have in your basket the better as long as you carry out the treatments to a high standard and have the correct training you can always offer something new to your clients. Being dedicated opens a lot of doors in regards to communication as you will be the driving force that keeps everyone involved in the business informed and up to date on new procedures/changes/promotions, it doesn't mean that you need to know all of the answers to any question straight away but it gives you a professional edge to know where to go/what to do if the situation ever arises where you do need someone else’s advise or even if it’s just not your area of expertise - your clients will thank you for this as it shows you have the initiative and fast thinking that the job can sometimes require.

Reliability - This is a big one because in order to build up your clientele and have good client retention you must be reliable. Competition within the beauty industry is vast however there is enough room for everyone, you just need to find a way that it works for you - in other words don’t bite off more than you can chew it would be much better to run a promotional offer, open a salon for 4 days a week and be fully booked with regular clientele rather than opening up 7 days a week trying to fit everyone in and being so rushed off your feet that your clients don’t feel valued or as though they have received less than a full, top standard service. Work/home life balance is important but it’s just as important if not more important to set realistic goals for yourself in order to be present and reliable for the clients you do have, recognition of your own needs, the business needs and clienteles needs are important which is sometimes the hardest battle you may face when starting up a new business/setting working hours but you can always adapt this as you go along. If you are reliable, show integrity and be congruent with your clients it will pay off.

Precision - Precision speaks for itself - there is no room for laziness within the beauty industry, if you are inconsistent or fail to carry out any part of a procedure and your client notices then unfortunately that could lose you a client. On average if a woman has a bad experience she will tell 16 people, if she has a good experience she will tell a maximum of 7 people - word of mouth advertising is one of the best ways to acquire clientele but you need to be precise in order for your business to be a good topic of conversation. So how do you do this? By being precise and delivering a top notch service every single time a client walks through your door! Remember that the clients journey starts upon arriving at your salon, it’s important that they feel cared for and that their expectations are managed and met. Precision is also needed to time manage and be aware of the treatment you are carrying out but also aware of your client, care for others is needed within the beauty industry and if you cover these bases then your business will succeed and grow or career will catapult above your expectations. It really is just about going the extra mile.

If you are sat at home now thinking ‘great, I possess all of these qualities’ or ‘all of these things come naturally to me’ Then great! You hold all of the power to make your business succeed right now, all you need to do is continue putting them into practice and your career/business will grow. If you are sat at home thinking ‘I struggle with precision’ or ‘I have a lack of passion for what I do’ Then don’t worry, the majority of people have come across more than one of these hurdles in their lifetime however it doesn't mean you have to give up; skills are learnt and developed over time as long as you have the dedication and the drive to push forward to become successful then guess what? You hold all the power in order to push yourself forward to succeed, whether you need a change in direction or just a little extra training, you can make it happen.

As well as the above there are a few skills that make your job easier and more enjoyable, these skills may just be the ones that truly make you stand out such as being innovative - bringing new ideas to your business/informing the salon manager of your ideas in order to grow the business and clientele shows dedication. Being able to give and receive recognition/constructive criticism, this can be a difficult one for many people but it doesn't have to be, the beauty industry itself is open to change and therefore you should be too. A great way to handle constructive criticism is to work towards little goals and learn how to manage them in order to jump over the hurdle and further develop from them. As this article comes to an end I would just like to add that what I hope you have taken away is a need for outstanding customer service. Shining customer service is really what drives businesses and people forward, if you can offer brilliant services with amazing customer service you can’t go wrong!