The traits of successful aesthetic clinics

Published on: 31 Mar 2015

Aesthetic treatments include many different procedures, offering personalised treatment plans that often include: Botox & Dermal Fillers, Laser and intense pulsed light (IPL), Laser hair reduction/removal, Derma roller, Mesotherapy and a variety of skin treatments. Aesthetic procedures offer a no nonsense approach to subtly enhancing one’s appearance. Procedures are administrated in large volume by offering 15-30 minute sessions which are relatively pain free with no downtime.

Over recent years, this non-invasive approach and ease of Non-Surgical procedures has increased the growing number of individuals who are wanting to start their own Aesthetics business.However, with pop-up clinics appearing on almost every high street; the demand for Aesthetic Clinics are becoming increasingly challenging.

The success of a business can be dependable on many fundamentals including being in the right place at the right time and having a savvy approach to a good working strategy. Running a business is of course not as easy as it sounds; there are many long hours of work and tight budgets to consider, not to mention numerous restless nights worrying about unforeseen problems. On the other hand it can also have a lucrative return on all those long and arduous days worked over the first 12 -18 months.

Like all companies, Aesthetic clinics must have clear guidelines as to the direction and goal of the business. Success won't just fall into your lap. You have to earn it through hard work and determination. Entrepreneurs must plan for growth by working towards a five or ten year plan.

N.B. Business plans must be reviewed regularly to adapt to the changing economic market.

There are many contributing factors to consider when striving for success, including: the company’s description, finance, location, marketing, clientele, website content, treatment/procedures, competitive pricing, staff and customer service.

The key to any business achievement lies in having the essential skills to offer Aesthetic/Beauty treatments that clients demand, at a competitive price. In order to ensure a return, it is imperative to carry out some sort of market research/analysis; this can provide you with vital information to help guide the business to further promote specifically to the needs of the customer and to generate sales.

As well as having the essential components of a business plan; with all successful clinics, it is important that all members of staff within the clinic are key to delivering an excellent service. Work teams are extremely important and strong qualities are necessary to having a high performing team that are dedicated to working together.

In order for a business to succeed, employers should treat employees as valuable team members. After all, it’s the employees who are the face of the business. Companies should invest time and effort in providing training within the employee’s realm of knowledge, skill and experience as well as providing continued training in company policies and government regulations. 

Incentives should be offered to motivate individuals to perform better. As we all know, providing competitive wages and salaries increases productivity.

A successful team must have:

A strong team character - Collectively the team should posses strong focus, drive and discipline, continuously pushing themselves to meet targets and stay in profit. 

Professional responsibility- Everyone has their own unique role within a team. Each member must achieve high levels of professionalism and competency to ensure that their contribution is an essential part of the complete success of the business.

There’s no “I” in team! Every member is responsible for success. Teamwork helps build confidence, increase self-esteem and drives forward the desire for continuous determination to succeed.... together.

A strong work ethic-A strong work ethic is demonstrated by everyone as part of a team to ensure a job well done. Individuals who hold a strong work ethic represent a certain philosophy that produces expert work and leads by example to continue to achieve.

Reliability - this characteristic goes hand in hand with possessing a good work ethic. Individuals with professional work ethics are often dependable to get the job done.

Commitment - This is the most respected trait a team member can offer. Thriving teams have an instinctive ability to realise that “What the team achieves it achieves together”. Those who are dedicated to doing a job well will do anything they can to ensure that they and their team perform well. 

Mutual goals - Working towards common goals is one of the essential features of any successful team. As a result, all employees should be recognised as partners in the future of the business. Remember that all Clinical employees, like Business owners are invested (reputation and association) in the overall success of the Company.

Driven- Most businesses are driven to see their business grow and some work challenges call for a certain amount of competitiveness, determination and incentive to meet profit margins.

Adaptability - Company achievements require the aptitude to adapt to varying situations. Adaptability allows the business to act in response to changing circumstances without feeling like “the wheels have come off!”

Thinking outside the box- Another trait of a proficient team is that of having the ability to be innovative and thinking of the bigger picture. Members should be encouraged to brand their ideas and be willing to trial new and different methods to increase commercial productivity. Being open to creative ideas can be an additional advantage.

Act on latest developments - It is imperative to keep an open mind and consider different outlooks and alternative ideas. The Aesthetic industry is moving at such a fast pace that all Aesthetic businesses must consider the latest new technologies within non-surgical developments. 

Taking risks - this can sometimes pay off...If you don t try you will never know what does and doesn’t work well for your business.