The Traits of Successful Hair Stylists

An extremely artistic Hair Stylist may have some success but a Stylist that can develop their social and business skills will excel in life and build a fantastic career.

To become a successful Hair Stylist

You need to be well-educated within your field, being prepared to learn every day and open to change. You must be able to cope well with problems and stress that may arise from working in a salon, which could be from products not working correctly, staff not preforming correctly (if working in management), unhappy clients or even disputes with the management team.

Working in a salon, or self-employed, all Hair Stylists will have demands that will need them to have a cool and calm exterior to deliver a positive customer experience. For example:

•    Finances
•    Work promotions
•    Staffing issues
•    Development/training necessities
•    Challenging clients

If you were to perform an incorrect style/colour etc then you may have a law suit to deal with. In this day and age certain people are always looking for ways to make money; do everything you can to remain composed, resolve any issues and provide a positive outcome.

A Hair Stylist will spend many years developing their skills through trial and error; you have to understand that whilst training you will not always get it right so being able to think on your feet and overcome issues, learning from your mistakes.

Taking onboard constructive criticism will enable you to become a top Stylist, getting those promotions and eventually opening your own salon with the peace of mind that you will be able to successfully train future Hair Stylists.

You will need to have great social skills and be well presented as all clients will be judging  you at all times, even when they just walked past the salon, they will look in to see if they could see themselves being comfortable in the salon and that you have the skills to let you loose on their hair.

Having great social competency and a professional outlook will allow any stylist to be liked by others, to get along with colleagues and to gain respect. You will be flexible, an excellent team player, have a degree of empathy and have a great sense of humor. You must be sensitive to clients’ emotions if they have just lost a loved one or have just started falling in love then it will be you that they tell. Being able to communicate, understand and converse will show the client that you have the ability to comfort them in any situation.

A successful Hair Stylist can adapt to any current trends and styles to suit their client’s hair, face and lifestyle. There is no point creating something amazing that the client will not be able to recreate at home as they have a busy lifestyle that doesn’t allow them to. Don’t forget that most Stylists get their clients form word of mouth, so if you produce something that is not realistic they won’t come back and won’t tell their friends.

For many individuals getting their hair done is often a chore but for some it is a time to escape their daily lives and take time out to relax and feel good about spending their hard earned cash and putting faith in their Hair Stylist. A stylist should make them feel special, comfortable in their surroundings and provide the knowledge that they remember their preferences and fully cater to them.

The Hairdressing industry is very competitive so a successful stylist must keep up to date with their training, fashion trends, new products and making their business successful.  You must be prepared to work hard, be dedicated to the trade and win repeat business; if a client is not happy then they will just walk away. You must keep all your licenses, policies and procedures and Health and Safety up to date. Good record keeping is a must to understand your taxes, expenses and staff payroll (if required). An important aspect of the business is building and maintaining a clientele.

A great Hair Stylist will have an outstanding artistic ability. If at any point in your career you feel unconfident then go and do some extra training you will always find training schools wherever you live and come back confident and wanting to show your new skills off to your clientele. Remember that ‘practice makes perfect’.
Success is about thinking outside the box and developing solutions that other Stylists might not think of. Showcasing your creativity will attract business when you least expect it.

A great Stylist will always keep their negative emotions in check and display self-control; this will showcase a perfect personality. Being well dressed and effortlessly groomed will show clients and other Salons that you mean business and will succeed no matter what.

Stylists without drive and ambition will not go far in life. Ambition, enthusiasm and drive will shape your career and provide you with a long lasting clientele.

In conclusion the ‘traits of a successful Hair Stylist’ are having excellent skills and knowledge, confidence with your delivery and showcasing your skills to a high standard making sure that the clients return.


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