The Truth About Skincare Products

One night after working a hard day in the salon, I sat down to watch an interesting programme about 'The truth about skincare products'. I watched in awe as an investigator went undercover with a hidden camera into a well known cosmetic department store. On one of the many glamorous, but also daunting cosmetic counters , a sales assistant began to explain in detail ,the anatomy and physiology of the skin and what this miracle cream could perform.

It made me really think about how the industry has grown or you could say fallen to its darkest depths. As a qualified therapist for many years I have taken the beauty industry quite seriously and always regarded my role as central, the most crucial in this area. Has this changed? Is the role of the therapist ,skin specialist, 'extraordinnaire' been taken over by sales counter staff ,qualified after one days training ? Is the genuine trust, shared between the client and therapist, replaced by the sales staff?

Has the power of the marketing companies forced the issue of targets and commissions instead of professional advice from professional therapists?

I have too, as a customer witnessed false and misleading information about products and my skin type. I have had well dressed glamorous women speak in a way that they think I might not understand the terminology. When quizzed on this information, they attempt to cover up their flaws with quickly brushing me to the side or giving me an ultimatum 'well would you like to buy it'.

I do realise the significance of the sales counter staff. I think cosmetic counters are an essential treat, maintenance or basically a pick me-up to every girl, without them I could not buy my beloved cleanser and array of product ranges.

The therapist and counter staff need each other ,so lets give respect where due. Either incorporate the therapist into the marketing /training side or refer clients with questions to the appropriate people. Lets face it, I am not going to diagnose a client with a medical condition ,I will refer them to a doctor. It is one of the very first things you learn when training to be a beauty therapist ' we cannot diagnose'

In closing yes we all have passions and ideas related to the beauty industry and we all have a place in this exciting arena but do not forget the importance and significance a qualified therapist has to offer. After all we worked and studied blooming hard for it!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you think?

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