Therapists Stand up and be Proud!

Do you consider yourself a " beauty therapist"? Do people look at you with that look of 'cant be very bright' or 'bless¦.. obviously didn't do well at school' when you reveal your career choice?

My final straw was whilst working as a therapist with an airline. I was standing in the aisle of the aircraft bound for New York happily minding my own businees when I overheard a passanger tell her daughter if she didn't do well at school that's what she end up doing¦. I looked around wondering who or what she meant then suddenly realised she was talking about me!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

I'm sick of it and planning the revolution!!!

I've been in industry for nearly 20 years and have seen it change dramatically. What I haven't seen change is a therapist mind set and I do believe that is the key. Look at what a traditional "beauty salon" or as my dad calls them "beauty saloons" was 20 years ago. Very female orientated, predminantly fluffy with pink cushions, neon signs and enya wailing in the background. It makes me recoil in horror, no wonder people think that beauty therapists just sit around all day with the wind whistling through the empy space between their ears, painting their nails and slapping yet another layer of lippy on!!!! Unfortunately these pamelas pink pamper palace still exists. Barely.

Is this really what consumer demand is?? Should we not be evolving with Industry and listening to client demand to ensure our businesses are successful. Think yourself of the last time you stepped out of your own buisness and went for a treatment elsewhere¦. Was it 1 month ago, 3 months, 6¦ mine was 3 years ago???? And the very people who recommend regular 6 week professional treatments don't follow their own advice?

Why? Consumers and we as therapists fall into this category as well, we are time challenged. I don't phyically have enough hours in my day to get the day to day things done never mind go to a BEAUTY SALON. Please don't get me wrong though my skin and general body health are extremly important to me but I want results and in miniumum time. I don't want to lie on a treatment couch with someone piling layers of product on my skin not really knowing how or why for an hour and a half? I also want to be advised educated and treated by an expert to ensure I do get results. I want optimum skin health.

I go to the doctor when I'm sick, they diagnose me and advise me on my condition. If I need professional help they will recommend who and also give me a perscription to address my aliment.

Should we not be thinking along these lines with regards to our clients?

My client comes to me with acne. I can diagnose, tell them the 4 contributing factors of why they have this malfunction of the pilo-sebaceous unit ( yep that's right!!) give them a customised professional treatment designed for their specific skin type and condition and a unique prescription of products and ingrediants they should be applying at home to ensure results. Now I ask you does this sound like a "beauty therapist"? No because I'm serious about skin as are our today's consumers. So therefore changing my language to skin therapist, skin expert or body therapist or treatment center ensures my client knows I'm not pampering or a treat to cheer them up, I'm a serious profesional who is an expert in their field ready to diagnose treat and ensure results.

We have all sat through the A&P module of our training. Do you remember having to name each bone in the body know exactly which hormone was responsible for what in the endocrine system, keratinisation, desqumation, lamella bodies ..the list goes on. Should we not be using this information, educating ourselves and our clients and really pushing ourselves forward in industry and not just being someone who HAD to choose this due to not being the sharpest tool in the box!

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