There's strength in Diversity

One thing I can tell you about your team is this... each one of them is a unique individual - they are all different in any number of ways!

But as their manager or leader, you want them to pull together towards the same goal, to operate as a well-oiled machine.

You've noticed there are significant differences between team members, for example:

  •  Some love accuracy - getting things right is the name of their game.
  • Some are only interested in results - never mind the detail, let's get this job finished!
  •  There are those who seem to need to chat away about things social to their colleagues... much of the time.
  • Then there are the quiet ones - they get on with the job and never complain... until things have really got on top of them.
  •  Some who are sensitive to others feelings, some who are simply oblivious!
  • Some shy, some confident, some charming, some blunt, some supportive, some uncaring...

Each of the team is different - yet everyone brings their own strengths to the party.  A team with balance, a team that communicates effectively, who understand each others' priorities and preferences - and who know what rubs each other up the wrong way - is a team which can get the most out of each other.  A team that performs at their highest level... and get results.

The insight needed...

Providing the team - and you as their leader or manager - with the understanding of each others' behavioural styles and preferences allows them to play to their strengths, avoid conflict, and enjoy a harmonious and productive working environment.  Equipped with this knowledge and insight, team effectiveness and motivation can be at its best.

About DiSC

That insight can be gained by introducing DiSC Behavioural knowledge into your organisation.  A powerful aid to communication and team effectiveness, DiSC is the most trusted behavioural learning instrument in the world. DiSC is based on more than 80 years of research and development and is used across the globe in hundreds of training and coaching applications, with around 70% of FTSE 500 companies either using or having used the system.

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