Tips for Hiring Spa Employees

Learn the top things to look for when hiring spa employees. This is a great article on learning what you should look for in a spa employee and what to avoid.

Qualities to look for in a spa employee:

  1. Do they like people?
  2. Do they have a friendly demeanor?
  3. Have they done any community work?
  4. What are their short and longer term goals?
  5. Check out their past and ask for references that are not relatives
  6. Do they take intuitive?
  7. Identify their passions
  8. Do they demonstrate cleanliness, friendliness and a good sense of humor?
  9. Can they follow directions without challenging or questioning your standards?
  10. Being an esthetician is great, however do they have customer service experience?

Things to avoid when hiring a spa employee

  1. Do they use the word 'I' a lot?
  2. If they don't have any passions, will they be able to care for your guest
  3. Do they move around a lot?
  4. Signs of impatient
  5. Do they use course language
  6. Do they ask for a lot right from the beginning?
  7. Identify how they talk to others (do they use a lot of negativity?)
  8. Conflicting goals
  9. Do they request a lot of time off before even starting the job
  10.  Someone who doesn't react in a positive manner to change will be challenging to manage.

If you're hiring for a managerial position, look for these qualities:

  1. Adapts easily to change
  2. Can handle working with different personality types
  3. Has a good sense of time managemen
  4. Can prioritize and work within time lines
  5. Great remodel-most behavior cannot be taught, rather staff will pick up habits from the person leading.
  6.  Has a great ability to teach, step back and delegate responsibility to create leaders.
  7.  Does not micromanage staff
  8.  Builds good relationships with staff at work and outside of work.
  9.  Builds and maintains good relationships with others by actively networking and attending events.
  10.  Sees things for what they are and is able to take action immediately. Finds solutions, not excuses.

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