Tips for Impressing at your Spa Interview and Trade Test

The preparation for your interview should begin weeks before the actual date. The first thing that's imperative for you to do is research the company thoroughly. You need to know as much as possible about the company you are meeting with, from the key top people i.e. owner, president, etc.

Learn the history of the company so you can understand how far and hard they have worked to be where they are today. It's important that you speak to show your admiration for the success they are experiencing. 

If at all possible try and research the person who's interviewing you also, it's important you highlight their successful path in the company and use it as a way of looking to future career prospects the company may offer. If you are in a position to do so you should try and book some kind of service in the spa or business you’re interviewing in. This is key to learning the procedure of how the spa operates; it will give you a massive heads-up in the interview as you can speak from first hand experience. 

It will also give you an idea of how things really work; it will give you a vibe for the team and management. If it feels good then we are on our way! Make sure you take mental notes of all the wonderful things you noticed during your experience, but also make notes of things you feel could help improve the operation or experience. Don't be scared to share that - all companies look for feedback. It's what helps them to stay at the top of their field but just be sensitive in the way you deliver it. Try your best not to be a critic, more of its wonderful 'but'.

Take note of all the products used throughout your experience and try do research on its benefits etc. Above all, take a menu of the services with you, read up on them and the pricing; it will help conversation starting points in your interview. Another key thing you can try is ask your friends to describe the good qualities you have; it's always good to hear what nice things people say about you to give yourself that boost of confidence. This will carry through nicely during your interview. 

Now, the day before your interview I would suggest you test all of your products; check that they are all replenished and in working order; check your bag that you have all the tools you need to perform the service requested and make sure you take products that can cater for all services. You don't want to be in a position where you have to ask for help. That will not look good at all. 

Make sure you have your wardrobe ready and your uniform is polished, clean and looking sharp. Make sure your shoes are scuff free and most of all you nails are clean and tidy. Believe it or not, these are key things employers look for. You must look the part, ready to be an ambassador for them on a daily basis. Last but not least, make sure you set your alarm. This sounds remedial but so many people get themselves worked up the night before an interview and forget the basic things.

The day of your interview, you’re looking and feeling great. Make sure you eat before attending the interview, there's nothing more uncomfortable for you or the recruiter to hear a rumbling tummy throughout the interview due to nerves. You may be nervous but you must try your best to contain that. You have to be seen as confident in your ability, you don't have to be loud to be confident but just secure enough in your ability. 

Just remember how hard you've worked over the past few years to get where you are today and be sure to speak about the challenges you've experienced along the way, how you've overcome them, what qualities you feel you have to bring to the company and above all why they should choose you.  

When a recruiter is making a decision between two candidates they ultimately base the decision on who they think will last longest in the company. Recruitment is an expensive area of business, hiring, training etc, so they have to feel comfortable in the person they are investing in. Don't be scared to ask questions about the person interviewing you, how long they've been in the company, what do they like about it, where they see the company going so you can see a future for yourself.  The key ingredient to any successful interview is to truly speak from your heart, show the passion you have for what you do and don't be scared to blow that trumpet, the next candidate will be doing just that so remember you have to sell yourself, but just be you.  

Take your time and don’t feel the need to rush, but ask the recruiter the time frame you have to perform the service; this will allow you mental control in what you’re doing. The key here is to give the model or client a service to remember. Don’t treat it as a trade test; treat it as a future perspective client.  

Just because this is a trade test, make sure you conduct your questionnaire with the client in advance and find out their concerns, problem areas etc. Make notes if necessary; it will show the recruiter your impeccable client care. It’s important at all times throughout the trade test that your client is comfortable. Make sure the room is as warm and inviting as possible and if you have things you normally do in the room don’t forget or be scared to ask the recruiter if you can proceed with them. This will not only show how caring you are as a provider, it will show how much pride you take in what you do. This is your time to shine; use it to your advantage and look forward to the phone call saying ‘you’ve got the job’!

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