Tips For Succeeding As A Freelance Beauty Therapist

You’re only as good as your last job since you are freelance, so most jobs are obtained via referral and networking. Just think how great it is to land a job on a photo shoot or to be asked for your expert knowledge for a blog because you were connected to the right people. This is where your people skills as a beauty therapist shine through so maintaining high standards and being reliable are your best friends.


You’ll usually have multiply streams of income coming so you will need to take up a few responsibilities and practices to stay on top of your game.


1. Experience

Use your family and friends to build up your skills and talents. There’s no good in asking someone to pay for your services if you don’t have the experience. They’ll be honest with you and if anything goes wrong you’ll be able to amend the situation without losing face. You could also host parties and events at friends and families homes to boost your services. This is a great way to use word of mouth.


2. Get your taxes in order

You must register as self-employed within 3 months of working for yourself and receiving payment from your first invoice. Whether the payment was large or small it makes good practice. The current personal allowance before you pay taxes is £11, 000 so you don’t pay anything until you’ve earned this amount over the tax year.


Registering is an easy process done via the HMRC website (UK readers). Otherwise follow your countries guidelines on this.


Keep your financial records in order, stating income and expenditures. File all receipts in folders; when it comes to doing your taxes you’ll either need to submit this to your accountant or you can do it yourself online.


3. Insurance

Professional Beauty Direct offer a comprehensive range of cover without any hassle and they remind you when your insurance is due. You’ll also need to get the appropriate car insurance to safe guard your equipment in case anything happens. If you are working from home also you’ll need to add this to you insurance policy.


Ok Great, So How Do I Set Myself Up?


There are 3 ways in which you can set yourself up -


1.Temporary contracts via agencies

2.Mobile - Home services or within an established business

3.Via your own website and social media pages


Temporary contracts via agencies

You can register yourself with an agency who will contact you every time there is a position to cover illness, holidays or to meet business needs. By working this way most agencies will require a timesheet to be signed so you will need to be highly organised, able to adapt to new situations quickly and be VERY flexible. Being the best at your job means being offered work ahead of others in some cases and choosing favourable days and hours. Rate of pay can be between £9 - £12 per hour.


WORD OF CAUTION - Work does tend to ebb and flow so being signed up to more than one agency can ensure a steady flow of work.


Mobile - Home services or within an established business

Mobile services within established businesses have grown with popularity over the last 5 years with competition growing to develop the best services while being cost effective.


This type of business is more popular within cities, especially London. However if your city doesn’t offer this service this would be a great business opportunity. The aim of the service is to provide lunch time treatments at the convenience of the ‘office worker’. These treatments are usually very short, not exceeding 45 mins.


If you do hair, make up or nails, you don’t need a car to be mobile. However you will need a suitable case to carry your equipment.


If however you intend to do massage, facials and waxing; a car (owned or rented) will be needed. Remain professional at all times.


Introduce yourself at the door with a hand shake. You're being let into someone’s home.


Always dress appropriately in a uniform. This includes footwear.


You can use apps like Sound cloud to create an ambiance while doing treatments.


Keep to your timings


NEVER leave a mess. You can bring a portable bin to dispose of your rubbish, especially for waxing and nails.


WORD OF CAUTION - When travailing to people’s homes, always let someone know where you will be. Text a family member or friend once you arrive and finish. ‘Besafe’ is a good app as it ‘walks you home’ from your appointments. From personal experience rate of pay can be commission based from 40% of the treatment or the equivalent of £15 per hour.


Via your own website and social media engagement


This area of work fits well with those who do make up and nails, as you can work freelance on weddings and photo shoots. Sites like ‘Star Now’ and ‘Gumtree‘ can be used to advertise your services.


This type of work means you can set your own pay rate which is great, but make sure it matches the competition and service is key. Promote your services tastefully and use # tags and ‘@’ as a way to build up your testimonials. DIY videos are very popular and easily created on YouTube or Instagram and can boost business further.




Ultimately there are no right or wrongs when it comes to freelancing. You have to try different avenues to find out which one suits you best. Money may not be as consistent as a wage but you’ll definitely have more control over your earnings as well as developing business skills you may not have obtained by working in a salon or spa but it is a very empowering experience.


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