Tips on Keeping a Good Beauty Blog

Well either these ‘experts’ were wrong, or blogging has experienced a miraculous resurrection!

Blogging is more in vogue now than ever before; there is possibly a blog for every topic imaginable, from seasoned expert writers on professional business sites, to the amateur who quite simply wants to share his/her passion.

Beauty blogging is a top competitor when it comes to ‘most popular topics’. There are so many beauty blogs available that one wonders if there is room for any more? But I believe that, just as everyone in the world has a unique personality; every blog has a unique personality too. There is always space amongst beauty bloggers for someone new and different to put their stamp on the pages of the World Wide Web. And that unique voice could very well be yours!

But what makes a good beauty blog that people will want to read; and more importantly one that they will return to in the future? From makeup tips and the latest hairstyles, to the best beauty salon to visit or the newest in skincare products; there is no limit to what you can blog about.
So here are just a few tried and tested tips to help you get going!

  1. Catch readers’ eyes – We are all told to not judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest, we all do it. In the same way, people will make a snap judgement on whether they want to read your blog post simply based on your posts title. People lead very busy lives and often don’t have time to scan through every potentially interesting article; and an interesting title may be what you need to snare those readers!
  2. Add a little scenery –Use relevant pictures to break up the content and add a little personality to the blog post. This is especially important when reviewing products; supply pictures of the mascara, shampoo, or cleanser you’re reviewing.
  3. It’s interesting because you’re interested – Don’t make your blog about something just because it’s the hottest topic at the moment. When a topic interests you, people will feel your passion and conviction. Don’t start a blog with the goal of getting followers as you will probably lose interest yourself. Start it for the sheer enjoyment of it and a successful following will be the natural result. If you’re interested in the best place to get a Brazilian wax, chances are, others will be too.
  4. Write simply and, when possible, make your readers smile – While what you’re saying might make sense to you, you might be communicating the wonders of the latest anti-aging serum to someone who doesn’t know her toner from her exfoliator. So keep it simple; this isn’t a school report and should be informative yet entertaining. Try use humour as this will make your content more enjoyable to read and people will be more likely to return.
  5. Be interactive – Readers usually follow a blog because they relate to the content as well as the author. Let your own personality shine through your content and encourage others to get involved. Respond to others comments and build a community of fellow readers and bloggers. Engage your audience, but don’t be scared of being honest and voicing your opinions. However, don’t forget to be kind; everyone’s opinions are valid and you don’t want to insult a loyal reader.
  6. Be persistent – Don’t get too disheartened when you don’t build up a following straight away, these things take time. When readers enjoy what you are saying, they will want to come back to read more. Try and update your content at least once a week, or you may run the risk of losing the readership you have built up.
  7. Most importantly; ENJOY! – There is no point in starting a beauty blog if you find it a chore. This should be a place to express yourself with your opinions and where you can share what matters most to you! The more you enjoy your blog, the more likely you are to stick with it; and the more others will enjoy what you have to say.

So we hope this has inspired you to dive straight in and start contributing some awesome blog posts to our site. We want to hear from you!

Happy blogging everyone!

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