Top Ten Beauty Tips

The hand cream memory trick:

How many times have you bought hand cream with all the good intentions of applying it daily but failing to do so? If I had a pound for every time a client told me they forget to apply hand cream I'd be a rich woman.

Here is a brilliant way to never forget to apply it to your hands and dry cuticles at least once a day   without fail....

Put it on the nightstand next to your bed

This way it's the last thing you see as you switch off your beside light and you will lie there thinking " ohh hand cream ... Dry hands ...."

This way your guilt for not putting on your nourishing hand treatment cream will keep you awake until you reach out to where you left it and pop some on.

Magnesium sulphate paste for stubborn ingrown hair removal

A very old fashioned remedy known as a poultice is a sure way of helping extract and heal nasty in growing hairs, especially in the bikini line region.

Magnesium sulphate comes in a paste form in a small jar from your pharmacist; it is inexpensive and really is a medicine cabinet must have.

Apply a very small amount directly over a stubborn ingrown hair ( take care if used in bikini  region) and cover it with a small amount of cling film , then use micro pore tape to seal all the edges to the surrounding skin.

Leave over night and then remove and have a soak in a warm bath, gently try to remove the in-growing hair, which should have been “drawn” to the skins surface by the poultice.

It can take a couple of treatments to remove some of the really deep in-growing hairs.

Avibon skin ointment

Gwyneth Paltrow swears by this inexpensive French pharmacy ointment. Apply a tiny amount (a little goes an extremely long way, I have had a tube on the go for 6 months) to your skin nightly and Wake up with super soft and plumped skin.

Its main active ingredient is Vitamin A which although can be quite irritating for your sensitive skins, in the case of this particular cream it is very gentle and reveals younger looking skin everyday and all for a small price of around £15.00.

Often found on ebay and other on line sites it really is a little French miracle in a tube.

Dermalogica microfoliant

This is one of the only daily skin exfoliants on the market, which truly does not irritate even the most sensitive of skins.

Used daily after cleansing it gently lifts away dead skin cells to reveal brighter, clearer skin.

Like the Avibon ointment a tiny bit goes a long way so again it is easy on the purse strings.

Daily body brushing

A good quality body brush such as the Elemis body brush is one of the best Beauty investments you will probably ever make!

I cannot stress hard enough how important body brushing is.

Apart from the fact it leaves your skin smooth as it desquamates away dull dead skin cells, it stimulates blood circulation to the tissues and if done correctly can be as beneficial as a detox wrap!

I'll explain... Here comes the science bit... If you brush the skin gently but briskly from the feet up the legs, moving towards the heart or, for you therapists reading this, the lymph nodes, you are having a similar effect on the lymphatic system as a deep drainage massage.

Work in light, circular upward strokes all over your body. Take care to concentrate on areas with the poorest circulation such as your bottom and tops of thighs... The reason behind this is the stimulation of the brush on the poor circularity system will bring fresh nutrient enriched blood to the skins surface thus helping drain away "stagnant" areas of toxins and fats (think cellulite removal).

Remember you don't need to brush too firmly as it can be damaging for the delicate collagen bonds in the skin.

It is a fact that doing this can help you Lose up to 1lb of body toxins/waste a day!

Bed socks and foot cream

For any of you hard working ladies reading this that spend relentless hours on your poor feet this is a lovely and effortless way to soothe and soften any hard skin and dryness on your soles.

It’s not very glam but I’m sure the results will speak for themselves.

Grab a pot of your best body or foot lotion, or the hand cream that is now kept at your bedside!

Now apply liberally to your feet....wrap in cling film.... cover with bed socks.....sleep!

And in the morning wake up to blissfully soft feet that feel like they have had a wonderful pedicure.

Do this regularly and you will never suffer from dry hard skin on your feet again.

Epsom bath salts for bloating and getting into that little black party dress

A tub of Epsom salts really can be your best friend when you have a big night out coming up and want to rid a little bit of that tummy bloat that we all get from time to time.

It’s a trick used by a lot of the super models before they have a bikini fashion shoot, so my sources in the industry inform me.

It’s so easy...

Put at least a mug full of the salts in a warm bath and soak for at least 25 minutes, the salts have a wonderful detoxifying effect on your body system and leave your skin feeling wonderfully soft.

Bio-Oil for stretch marks

This truly is what I call a hero product!

When it first hit the stores a few years ago it was hailed as a "cure" for scarring and stretch marks.

Now as a beauty therapist I take these sort of claims with a large pinch of salt (not bath salts!)

Keen to prevent stretch marks when I was pregnant I used it religiously often just buy squirting a little into a warm bath and I never had one single stretch mark appear!

I know many, many ladies who found the same results and others who have used bio oil to reduce scarring and old stretch marks and they have had positive results ... So well worth getting in your bathroom cabinet.

Guinot Masque Essentiel Nutrition Comfort

Years ago when I trained as a Guinot specialist I discovered this absolute gem of a face mask and to this day it's the only one I ever use on myself.

I remember the educator at the training academy in Ascot telling us about its uses on all the Steiner salon staff. After long, hard days in the ships’ salons followed by long, hard partying in the evenings, they found that using Masque Essentiel under their eyes reduced the tell-tale signs of burning the candle at both ends.

The Masque Essentiel is sold as a moisturising mask which it does brilliantly but I also find it's brilliant at soothing angry spots by just applying it directly on the area where the skin is affected and leaving on overnight.

And going with my running theme of a little going a long way this mask really is worth the £24.75 price tag as it lasts for ages

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