Top Tips for a Summer Tan!

Now I have the answer's to all your questions. Yes it's true it's whats in the inside that counts! But not everyone can see the inside, day in day out!
It's all about that golden glow, okay everyone has their ideal person they want to look like, not even they are as nice in real life, so give yourself a break girls!
Firstly, life is hectic,oohhhh yes so here are a few helpful hints that will get you looking like a, yummy mummy, gorge young free and single and even a hot grandma.Oh and boys you can so do this too.!!!
Here are just a few Top Tips that will get you through this summer sizzling hot................................

Okay Full Prof Fake Tan

You have to prepare your skin, at least 3 days in advance to have the ultimate tan.

  1. Exfoliate by body brush, using upward strokes, concentrating on dry areas like elbows, knee's and ankle's. Body brushing is also fab for cellulite as it speeds up lymph circulation and blood circulation. When this becomes stagnant cellulite can appear. Use dry before you're showering.
  2. Rock salt and olive oil is fab for smooth, supple skin. Use once a week to prepare your skin for the tan and also to help it come off easily.
  3. Moisturise daily, full body, using Palmer's Shea butter. I find this is great as it hydrates the skin morning till night and when your tan is on it gives it a great glow.
  4. Application of tan. I prefer Fake Bake Gold, but applied with All Tan's on application. Make sure all dry areas are oiled up so tan does not stick and give the tell tale signs "Yeah, the orange streaks". make sure you oil the wrist area as tan does seem to catch on this area.
  5. Apply gloves and run till tan soaks in and looks quite even. Take gloves off and rub back of hands on parts of your arms to pick up extra tan, then rub back of hands against one another.
  6. Put on a big t shirt and bottoms and go to bed. It has only taken you ten mimutes. Well done! Wash off in the morning making sure you leave it for at least 8 hours and walllaaaa. You're like Eartha Kitt!

The Quick Home Facial

Lets face it, not everyone has the time to sit and pamper themselves with cucumber on their eyes, especially in this crazy world we are living in, so here are a few simple but helpful hints, that can help you along the way :

  1. Cleanse and exfoliate at the same time in the morning during your daily face wash. So there's step one.
  2. Pop face mask on now, go moisturise your body, deodorant etc Make the breakfast, do house work etc. Ten minutes up, pop it off.
  3. Spritz toner, eye cream moisturise

There you go, mini facial that will brighten and give you 12 hour sleep effect.

Okay girls and boys I hope this has helped for now, until next time.....

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