Top Tips For Securing A Job As A Beauty Therapist

  • Know your stuff - this means training, theres so many different routes to go down in this industry and the chances are that if you have completed your NVQ level 2 then you will already have an idea of which direction you would like to take. Education is the basis of your career as a beautician and you need a good, solid base if you are to be reputable. You will need to start off by training in an NVQ or SVQ level 2 and then progress on to a level 3 or even a CIDESO course if you choose. From this point you may decide to specialise which would require further training in order to keep up to date on new techniques, keeps up with the news surrounding the services you offer etc.
  • Show passion for the beauty industry - it always looks and feels good to an employer to hire someone who loves what they do! It brings so much value to a company and you will feel the added benefits of trust not only from your employer but from your clients too. Tip: it’s one thing to say that you are passionate about your future job but it is another to prove it - I would suggest putting together a blog/pinterest/instagram as an add on that you can show to an interviewer. You must be able to talk over why you have saved certain articles/posts, why you like them and what inspires you about them. This shows that you are informed, are always keeping up to date with industry news and are also making a hobby out of what interests you.
  • Allow your personality to shine through - I know that this can be difficult during an interview, especially if your nervous but remember that you want your interviewer to remember you. You want them to be able to remember you clearly after you leave, for the right reason! Use this time to also ask any questions that you want the answers to, a lot of people feel as though they are in the spotlight whilst being interviewed but remember that it is your time to interview the company you may be working for as well, you need to know whether you will like working in the environment they provide.
  • Show them you are approachable - a huge part of a beauticians job is gaining the trust of others and this is for a very good reason. When you think about it working as a beautician is quite an intimate job in terms of the atmosphere, lighting and what your clients will bring to their appointment with you - the majority of the time clients will come to wind down and occasionally they will open up to you about their troubles. The environment makes it very easy for people to express themselves without worry of someone over hearing and by showing you are approachable means that you are open to being receptive to this as well as feedback from peers/clients/employers which is never a bad thing as it shows you are more than willing to progress.
  • Express how important confidentiality is to you and mean it! Leading on from my previous point you must be able to remain confidential at all times within this job. You will hear and see things as a beautician that you wouldn't want others sharing if it were about you, you may find out that two of the clients you treat don’t particularly like each other or you might have a bad experience whilst waxing someone but unless they are detrimental to the procedure you are carrying out and need to be written in clients files then there is also no need to share it verbally. A bad reputation isn't something that is easily washed away within the beauty industry and word travels fast, always think of your reputation and your career first.
  • Prepare your CV - this is the first impression your employer will get from you so you need to make sure it’s of high quality! Your CV should be easy to read with contact information detailed clearly, keep it up to date, mark your categories clearly i.e work, education etc list your qualifications & relevant experience you have relating to the job in question. If you are worried about your CV or have never written one before there any many templates online you can find to help you develop this easily.
  • Always evolve - I wouldn't recommend staying stagnant within this industry, I’m not saying by any means that you need to hop on every single trend thats up and coming but what I am saying is whatever avenue you choose to take, you should constantly learn about whether that’s by reading articles online, watching tutorials or taking courses etc; there’s always something new to learn out there. Let’s say you choose to a wax specialist, wouldn't you like to take pride in the fact that you have the most up to date knowledge on how to better the experience of your client? There’s many hints and tips on how to do pretty much everything on the internet so you might as well use the knowledge out there to develop your own skills, especially if it’s for free.

Hopefully my 7 top tips have given you a little guidance on how you can secure a job within the beauty industry, these aren't set in stone by any means and you can adapt them to suit your needs however you wish. Different things work for different people but one thing I do know is that these tips have always worked for me, there are so many jobs out there for different sectors within the industry but if you know what you want to do but just cant find the job that’s perfect for you, you can always create one. 

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