Transferable Spa Industry Skills

What a topic!  How many of us can honestly say working in the Spa Industry has set us up for success in other areas?  I know personally, I can relate to this in many ways.  The Spa Industry is very much like a double-edged sword.  On the one side, it portrays itself as calming, therapeutic, healing, relaxing etc. which most of the recognized spa’s around the world are; however, the other side of the sword that clients and patients don’t get to see is what actually takes place in the background to create a lifetime experience.  Behind the scenes can be full on: planning, training, education, marketing, budgeting etc. all of which are not seen by the naked eye for obvious reasons. But I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that those skill sets we gain working in the Spa environment can be crucial to the success of you in future ventures. 

Planning ahead

Any successful business requires thorough and consistent planning. This is the key to any operation functioning smoothly.  You plan for both the busy and quiet days, staff scheduling to cater for the demand etc., which would ideally fall under the HR department. However, many business’s find the Spa Director can often wear many hats.  You acquire all necessary skills to interview, hire, train and introduce new staff.  Finding the right staff can be challenging; you learn the top key skills that attribute to hiring the right people.  Hiring staff can be quite costly if done the wrong way; don’t hire a personality, hire a skill set, someone who is hopefully outstanding in their field of expertise. 

Training and Education

This becomes food for the soul in a Spa; you can’t survive without it.  Training should never be seen as a chore, or working overtime.  Training should be seen as a way to enhance your staff skill set, to make them better equipped at doing and keeping their job.  Mastering the art of this will most certainly help you in any business you find yourself in. 

Marketing and Advertising

This can either become your best friend or worst nightmare.  The reason behind this is, if you are not doing this in the right way, your business will most certainly feel the impact of it.  With today’s portals such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. It allows us to have immediate impact on the Marketing and Advertising message you’re trying to deliver, cost effectively more than anything.  You learn to be able to think on your feet and fast, fill those appointments effectively and efficiently, verbalise the promotion you have to hand and most importantly ‘get your business recognized’, get the word out that you are there.  You find yourself having a voice louder than you ever thought possible, and this has nothing to do with self-confidence, this is all to do with the confidence you have in the business or brand you are representing.  Again, all key skills you can now use confidently in any business venture or company.


Financially, the Spa Industry has seen its peaks and troughs over the years; however, it will never lose the feel-good factor.  As a business, what gives you the point of difference to stand out from the mass market of salons/spas on practically every corner of every street?  You must find your USP (unique selling point) to even have a chance to succeed.  Identifying this can be quite costly, identifying the right brand, the right treatment, the right product that will provide a return on your investment.  This can not only be time consuming, it can be exhausting, we don’t want to keep up with the latest and greatest trends, we should want to ‘be the trend setters’.  Managing a financial budget is imperative in any business; however sometimes we can let excitement run away with us, being mindful of the bottom line should always be the No.1 priority.   Being completely aware and in control of your budget is vitally important to you, immaterial of who you work for.  Having your eye on every contributing factor of the profitability of any business will shine through not only in the success, but the longevity of the business you choose to stay or be in but, unbelievably, the Spa world is not very indifferent from the fast food industry.  Every fast food outlet will ask if you’d like fries or a drink with that, constantly increasing the ticket total.  The Spa industry does this beautifully by upselling, adding additional treatments to increase the relaxation time of each client or patient; resulting in higher ticket totals for the business.  This same concept is completely transferrable to lots of other industries; I guess being in the Spa world educates us that it’s ok to maximise how good someone can feel, regardless of cost. 

All we manage to do with our hands-on experience is turn a WANT into a NEED!  What we gain as individuals from this is endless financial reward and security, recognition and promotion opportunities, a chance to be a part of a dynamic business team and above all the self-love and recognition for a job well done.

The activities and skills used and acquired on a daily basis could potentially be transferred to most business models.  The difference with them working or not, is you!  Are you looking to venture into a different world?  Sometimes change is scary, however the underlying fact here is that any successful individual coming from the Spa industry knows how hard it is to succeed and above all are willing to go that extra mile, push themselves that much harder to get a better result on a daily basis.  The hours we work feel endless at times and can be very trying but now you’ve gained the tools of knowledge and experience, maybe it’s time to open your wings and fly. Who knows, your next exciting opportunity could be waiting just around the corner for you!


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