Transform your skin overnight

It has often been rumoured that our bodies work their hardest during the time we sleep. It has been scientifically proven that our metabolism functions better and, more importantly, that skincare can yield better results. When you think about it, our skin goes through a lot in just one day; not only is our skin exposed to pollutants in the air, the sun is hitting it, and more often than not it is smothered in makeup - and let's not mention how many times a day we actually touch our face. So it makes sense to have a night-time skincare regime locked down, but that's not to say that skincare is worth skipping in the morning, the same steps are still necessary. However, the fact that your skin works harder to repair itself overnight is what lies at the core of why night-time skincare works best. It is during this time that your skin is attempting to repair the damage of the day and balance itself out - so naturally, whatever products you apply before sleeping are guaranteed to work best. 

Overnight masks and treatments have taken the beauty world by a storm over the past few years for precisely these reasons. An overnight mask is seen as the most potent dose of a quick fix. There’s something about slathering it onto your skin, getting some shut eye and waking up to visibly improved skin. So here is our skincare routine needed to give you that healthy, youthful glow we all so desperately seek! 


The night-time tends to be the time where we all get laziest in terms of routines. Odds are you just want to get out of whatever you’re wearing and into bed ASAP, sparing absolutely no time to dilly-dally around with a bunch of products. That is possibly one of the biggest skincare mistakes you can make. As we’ve covered, the night time is when your skin works its hardest to repair and rejuvenate - but you need to provide it with the tools to do so! First and foremost, it is absolutely imperative that you remove your makeup. And no, that quick sweep with a cleansing wipe is not enough! Yes, you need to thoroughly remove it and then follow with a second cleanse. Double-cleansing is the best thing you can do for your skin daily. We often think that using that eye makeup remover or a makeup wipe is a good enough step, but you’d be surprised at how much gunk is left on your skin! That is why the best step is to first use a makeup remover (either micellar water or a balm/oil) and then use a cream or milk cleanser to follow. This is your guaranteed secret to avoiding breakouts and clogged pores: prevent, prevent, prevent! 


Tone & Anti-Age

We’re nowhere near done (sorry!). Next, you should pat your skin with a toner - this is another vital step. Your toner helps rebalance your skin’s ph. After all that cleansing your skin is going to be feeling very stripped, and a toner helps remedy that. But more importantly, your toner works to prep your skin to properly absorb the rest of the products. Next, you’re going to want to apply your eye cream. Now, an eye cream is one of the most underrated steps to a skincare routine, but this is the step that’s going to work to prevent wrinkling and sagging around your eyes. It is also important to apply this before going in with your serums and moisturisers because they can often form a barrier and prevent your under eyes from really soaking up that eye cream.



Finally, you have your treatments, serums and night creams. Now, you can either use all three or just stick to choosing between a treatment and serum. Serums are one of the most highly concentrated products throughout the routine. This is where you can personalize according to your own skin type; whether it's redness, acne or dullness, this is the part where you can target those problem areas. Using your fingers to lightly the tap the product in is key - you might want to make sure your hands are clean between steps to avoid the mixing of products, though! 



Almost there! All your hard work can go amiss without this penultimate step. Applying a face cream or moisturiser of some sort is a necessary step to lock in moisture and all the work that’s just been done. Moisturisers can also be personalised to your skin needs. Night time moisturisers are light and gentle on skin but are very necessary to give our skin the basic dose of moisture that it needs daily. Overnight moisturisers are easily absorbed by the skin and work to hydrate the skin cells that are being regenerated overnight.


Go the extra mile: Hello, face masks!

Throughout skincare, masks are generally seen as the quickest way to get results. Whether pore clearing or moisturising, you apply them in a heavy and thick dosage which often achieves instant results. The same goes for overnight masks; overnight masks are the strongest, hardest working products you can apply to really get the most out of your skin’s night-time shift. Moisture and plumpness are the most popular purposes for overnight masks - it’s rare that you'll see an overnight pore-extracting mask, for example. 

Overnight moisturising masks can be one of the most effective ways to get a surge of moisture into the skin - they’re packed with hydrating properties that the skin works to drink up entirely overnight. Overnight moisturising masks can be used to ensure you wake up with visibly plumped and hydrated skin. Try to find one that contains coconut or hyaluronic acid as these are some of the most top fast-acting properties that can guarantee a flood of moisture.

An alternative use for overnight masks can be to help firm your skin or brighten it. Anti-aging overnight masks are also very popular and provide a healthy, youthful glow. These types of anti-aging masks should contain collagen or Vitamin C as the ingredients can work together to inject the skin with moisture and collagen, which in turn regenerates the skin cells, helping to brighten and balance your skin tone. 

So there you have it! These simple steps can be taken to ensure dramatic results - your skin works hard at night, so why not give it a helping hand?

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