Treatment Coordinator

Job Description (What the job involves)

Variety is the spice of life. Anyone looking for variety in the workplace could find the role of Treatment Coordinator most appealing!

A Treatment Coordinator (also known as a Patient Coordinator in many aesthetic chains) is generally the first point of contact for consultations and treatment plans. This includes discussing products where appropriate and also follow ups.

  • Consultations - Being the first point of contact the Treatment Coordinator will be responsible for meeting, greeting and building a rapport with all new clients. The consultation will involve going through a medical history form, discussing all relevant treatment options and giving appropriate background information on staff that carry out the treatments. At the end of the consultation it is often the case that the client books their first appointment should they feel confident with the information they have been given.
  • Treatment Plans - The Treatment Coordinator will identify the client's main concerns by asking relevant questions and more importantly listening. At this stage, the appropriate treatments and how often to have them will be explained and recommended. The realistic results to expect from treatments and financial costs will also be discussed.
  • Products - Often it is the case that maintenance is required in order to optimise the results of treatments. Where appropriate the client will be advised of relevant products, when and how to use them
  • Follow Ups - This type of customer care is very important and usually involves contacting the client shortly after their initial consultation and after any course of treatment undertaken. This is to ensure that they are satisfied with the information and any treatments received.

Upsides and Downsides

A Treatment Coordinator typically works a 5 day week and their time table will often involve working a minimum of 1 evening per week as well as a minimum of 1 Saturday per month. This may vary depending on business requirements.

The role involves working closely with the therapists/nurses/doctors that carry out the relevant treatments in addition to the spa/clinic manager who oversees the daily running of the business.

Skills and Personal Qualities

Qualities of a Treatment Coordinator

The ideal Treatment Coordinator will possess the following:

  • Excellent Communication Skills - This is a role for a peoples person and a friendly personality is a must! It is necessary to also be a good listener in order to pass on the appropriate information and assist in the decision making process.
  • Enthusiasm - For this role it is important to have a genuine interest and a good understanding of the treatments and products offered. First impressions count and the client will have confidence in someone who is well informed with a positive attitude.
  • Good Organisational Skills - In order to prioritise the day ahead it is essential to have good time management skills as well as strong administration skills.
  • Continual Professionalism - On occasion the Treatment Coordinator may be faced with the challenge of a difficult client. Regardless of the situation, behaving calmly and in a professional manner is important and most effective.

Entry Requirements

Generally candidates for the post of Treatment Coordinator in a beauty / medical environment are required to possess sales experience and qualifications equivalent to NVQ Beauty Therapy Level 3. Although industry experience is usually preferred, employers are often willing to train candidates that they feel have all the necessary qualities and skills suitable for the job. It is normal practise for a company to fully train all new staff in the treatments and products offered and continue to do so when new procedures and products are introduced.

Opportunities and Progression

There are many opportunities for people looking to progress within the industry. For those in the role of Treatment Coordinator looking to further their career the positions of clinic manager, business development manager or sales representative may be suitable options.

  • Clinic Manager - The role of the clinic manager is to ensure the smooth and effective running of the clinic on a daily basis. This includes working closely with all members of staff such as therapists, nurses and doctors and coordinating their schedules.
  • Business Development Manager - This is a position with the responsibility of increasing the overall sales and revenue of the company. This involves developing and implementing effective sales and marketing strategies.
  • Sales Representative - Many companies including large aesthetic chains have their own range of products and equipment. A sales representative will present these to appropriate businesses and using their strong communication and selling skills will highlight the benefits. A successful presentation results in a company taking on the recommended package of products etc.

Potential Salary and Benefits

A Treatment Coordinator can expect to earn commission on treatment and product sales in addition to a basic annual salary. The average basic salary for this role varies between £18,000 - £25,000 pa and this will often be determined by previous sales experience and qualifications. This is a role that offers good earning potential!



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