Tricks of the Trade – Massage Therapist

Published on: 15 Jun 2017

1. Don't overwork your hands -

as you grow in your career you will learn to use your body to your advantage, there are many styles and types of massage around the world and you can use them to your advantage. For instance Thai Massage they use stretching techniques pulling, pushing and twisting, they will even stand on your back (sounds scary but feels amazing). All these different styles can help save you from all the aches and pains.


2. Try new things -

It's good to go out in the industry and try what's out there, treating yourself to a spa experience or the latest massage treatment will be good not only on a pampering and relaxation level for yourself, It also gives you the opportunity to see the experience through a client’s eyes, always take note on what you see what you enjoyed and what you really didn’t like. By learning from the experience you could look at making changes to your treatments or adding a simple little touch which made your experience that little bit more special.


3. Know your stuff -

knowledge is key in this industry, your clients will rely on you to know your stuff, keeping up on your theory and practical is essential, it will help you to answer your client’s questions with confidence and ease. Trust me they will ask you every question in the book so be prepared.


4. Therapists as clients -

A lot of Therapist like to treat themselves to treatments so if you get a therapist in don't worry they don't bite. They are not there to quiz you, they are there to relax and to enjoy their treatment.


5. Be social -

You will be greeting and talking with a lot of people on a day to day basis, depending on your working environment you may be meeting new customers every day or seeing regular clients. It is important that you are able to help relax and comfort your clients, so they are able to enjoy and really benefit from the treatment.


6. Be welcoming -

ensure you and your work area is always clean, tidy and welcoming clients will want to feel relaxed, safe and calm when they enter your treatment room. It is nice to have an inviting treatment room with a nice comfy couch, soft towels, candlelight, and soothing music. Always ensure it is lovely and warm for your client, your clients will appreciate this and help them thoroughly enjoy their treatment.


7. Get to know your client -

always get your client to fill out a consultation and a lifestyle questionnaire, this will give you an inside to their lifestyle and able you to ask your client questions which will benefit them in the treatment. Clients will also appreciate you remembering them and what you were discussing about on their last visit, if you can't remember make a note on the consultation, clients will appreciate this and make them feel appreciated and welcome.


8. Listen to your client -

listen to them and look at their body language, this will help you to identify if your client is comfortable and enjoying their treatment. Some clients will talk throughout their treatment others will want to drift off into their own little world, respect their wishes after all they are the ones that are paying. If they do talk, listen to them some days you do feel like an agony aunt but some client’s feel it's a way to destress and that’s their therapy.


9. Look after yourself -

being a massage therapist can be very taxing on the body. A few things to be careful of is your posture during your treatments, try to bend at the knees and not to bend your back, trust me this will save you a lot of discomfort in the future. Use stretching techniques especially for your wrist, arms neck, shoulder and back. Trust me you will thank me for this years down the line.


10. Don't do anything you are not comfortable with -

never put yourself in a position were you feel intimidated our threatened. If it's in a premises, go see your boss and tell them straight away, most big establishments will have panic alarms in the rooms for you to use. If you are mobile and going round to a client for the 1st time tell someone where you are and arrange to ring or text them to ensure you are safe. Always have a plan of action never put yourself in a vulnerable position.


11. Give aftercare advice –

Aftercare advice is a key part to the treatment. Clients will thank you for giving them aftercare advice, it is nice for them to know the after effects and how they can get the most benefits from their treatment. You can also recommend further treatments and products helping them to eliminate their concerns.


12. Don't sell yourself short -

people will pay good money for a good therapist, check around your local area and see what's out there and what prices they offer. Try to find a price which is competitive but you don’t want to be working long hard hours for a few pence. Special/monthly offers ae always a good way to bring in new clients and a nice treat for your regular clients.


13. Power of clients -

word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tool you will have. Treat your clients well and they will look after you.


14. Get insurance -

if you are self-employed get insurance, this will give you peace of mind while performing your treatments. Get your clients to fill out a consultation before their treatment and always get a signature on there. If your client does have any health concerns talk to the client about them at the start of the treatment and explain to them if you are going to have to make any adjustments to their treatments and way you have to. This will save yourself and your client any confusion about what treatment they are going to receive.


To round up keep yourself safe, happy and healthy and I guarantee you will prosper in your career as a massage therapist.

Have fun and enjoy…..


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