Turn up the Heat! Dermalogica's Thermal Body Therapy Treatments

Developed to harness the latest skin advancements while also taking into account what treatment users want (one of the major complaints heard regarding body treatments is the feeling of being uncomfortably cold,) Thermal Body Therapy Treatments are centered around keeping the body in a warm, thermoneutral state for ultimate comfort and increased product penetration for enhanced skin benefits.

Dermalogica has also worked to develop signature "thermal touch techniques" that further product effectiveness and add additional warmth to the body. Each treatment can be customised for use by the skin therapist who focuses mostly on face treatments, to the most experienced therapist who delivers body treatments in a spa or destination setting.

In keeping with the concept of warmth and Thermalism, these unique new products include an exclusive blend of three Asian herbs noted for their warming and soothing properties on the skin. These ingredients include:

  • Japanese Wasabi Root A traditional warming herb that offers anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties with a high Vitamin C content.
  • Tropical Asian Ginger A warming root extract that promotes circulation while acting as an anti-inflammatory to soothe the skin as it scavenges free radicals.
  • White Tea Extract This unfermented tea has the highest concentration of polyphenols (compared to black, red, oolong and green teas) and provides the richest source of anti-oxidants with additional anti-inflammatory properties.

These professional products are formulated to address specific skin conditions and include:

  • BODY MICROFOLIANT Recommended for all skin conditions, especially sensitised. A Colloidal Oatmeal and Tapioca-based powder that gently exfoliates and smoothes the body while Rice Bran, Walnut Shell Powder, Papain, Salicylic Acid gentle exfoliates and smoothes the body. (Trade price for 473ml £17.50/ £27.00)
  • POWER RECOVERY PACK Recommended for all skin conditions, especially drier or prematurely ageing skin. An intense power pack of Soymilk and Colloidal Oatmeal-based powder that nourishes the skin while offering hydrating and conditioning proprieties. Ideal for use as a full body treatment or as a spot treatment for sunburned or irritated areas of the body. (Trade price for 946ml £21.50/ £33.10)
  • THERMAL HEAT ACTIVATOR Recommended for all skin conditions. A unique self-heating powder that, upon contact with water, generates a burst of warmth that lasts throughout product application to enhance comfort and maximise product penetration. (Trade price for 237ml £21.50/ £33.10)
  • CLEAN MASSAGE OIL BASE Recommended for all skin conditions. A conditioning Olive Fruit and Grape Seed Oil based massage medium that nourishes and conditions the skin while providing antioxidant protection. (Trade price for 946ml £17.50/ £27.00
  • ENERGIZING OIL PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH Recommended for all skin conditions. An intense blend of essential oils that includes Sage, Rosemary, Rose Geranium and Cyprus to help energise and detoxify the body. £19.30)
  • STRESS RELIEF OIL PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH Recommended for all skin conditions. An aromatic blend of Patchouli, Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Lavender and Ylang-Ylang to help alleviate stress and soothe the body and psyche. (Trade price for 207ml £12.50/ £19.30)
  • THERMAL STAMP Recommended for all skin conditions. A combination of key Thermal Body Therapy products seated in porous fabric for the purpose of heating, detoxifying and remineralising the skin. Product to be used in conjunction with a series of specific massage movements. (Trade price for a pack of 20 £13.60 /£21.00)
  • ENZYMATIC SEA MUD PACK Recommended for all skin conditions. A Seaweed and Mineral-based powder that enhances detoxification while nourishing and smoothing skin with Kelp, Papain, Caffeine, Lactose and soothing aromatic plant extracts. A unique blend of Wasabi Root and Tropical Asian Ginger stimulates circulation while White Tea soothes and protects. (Trade price for 946ml £21.40/ £34.20)

Dermalogica products are only available in appointed skin centres on the recommendation of a qualified skin therapist. For stockist details, call 0800 591818 or visit www.dermalogica.co.uk.

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