Ultrasonic Liposuction: the Sound Physique Way

As a preacher of diet and exercise for years, Andy was reluctant to accept that it was a miracle cure. With his aerospace engineering background (and inquisitive nature) we decided to buy a machine and run our own trials, with and without diet and exercise. The results were astounding.

We found that on its own the machines achieved results that were satisfactory, but factored alongside diet, exercise and massage the results gained in comparison to the machine alone or diet and exercise alone were exceptional. We made the decision to spend more time and money on research, using Andy’s personal trainer knowledge to understand how the mechanism of the machine worked with the body. Using specific diet and exercise, along with Andy’s engineering background, we were able to source some of the best machinery on the market.

As with any business, we knew that knowledge doesn’t create success or public awareness, which is where my sales expertise came into place. We launched the first ultrasonic lipo clinic in Yorkshire, which was the second in the UK, but we were not satisfied to be put in the same class as the other clinic. We knew our knowledge of the treatments and the human body gave our customers a better service. As a company we are not satisfied with OK results if we can get excellent results. That is what we sell to our customers and that is what we set out to do.

After a hugely successful launch the health industry took a very keen interest in what we had done, which started to make a big stir in the fitness industry. By this point we had created the UK’s first ultrasonic lipo franchise, and had a lot of interest in, not only what we had done, but the results we were achieving with our customers.

A lot of people started to try and replicate what we were doing with little or no knowledge of ultrasound or health & fitness, so we decided in 2011 that we needed to try and standardise the industry. We wrote the Ultrasonic Liposuction qualification, which is now the only HABIA approved Ultrasonic Lipo qualification in the UK and gains 22.5 CPD’s once passed. By doing this we have created a benchmark within the industry, making sure treatments are carried out safely and effectively for all of our customers. We were rewarded by being nominated for the National Fitness Awards 2011, where we were finalists. Moving forwards we have developed four products: a full franchise where we train franchisee’s to work under the Sound Physique trademark and supply a turnkey package for them, which includes everything that they require; Sound Physique Express where we provide training, a machine, sales/marketing blueprints and training along with website inclusion etc.

Since then we have slimmed down everything we do even more, realising that the two most important factors in what we provide are the machine and the treatments. We now provide a machine and training, or just training, which is perfect for anyone already doing the treatments, those looking to include them as a service or those just looking to gain a high amount of CPD’s for a course.

New Sound Physique sites are opening all the time and are looking for qualified individuals to employ full or part time. Upcoming new sites include: 

  • Leicester
  • Southport
  • Leeds
  • Peterborough

On top of this busy opening schedule we are also running Ultrasonic Liposuction courses on the following dates

  • 26th - 28th July
  • 23rd - 25th August
  • 27th - 29th September

About the treatment:

  • The machine is a three dimensional system consisting of two ultrasound components and electrode pads. All three of these are pain free and intensities are altered for every individual to meet required needs including loss of belly fat.
  • The first ultrasound head has a high frequency current, which will only target fat cells breaking down their molecules and sending them into the blood stream, while at the same time inhibiting their regrowth. Once the cell is destroyed it cannot grow back. There is no pain and hardly any sensation in this part.
  • The second ultrasound head is a low frequency process this melts down the fat and makes it easier to stream through the lymphatic system and into the blood stream to be disposed of. The electrode pads tighten and firm the area helping to sculpt the body.

Martine Harney
To find out more information about ultrasonic lipo and Sound Physique visit http://www.soundphysique.com/about/what/

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