Unique IPL Opportunity Set to Sweep Europe

IPL Hair Removal is a competitive and congested market as the demand in salons for this treatment is so high, so why is Program E>O different? The pedigree of this company is well established and its an incredible story. Program E>O is built and manufactured in France, just outside Paris, the 'home' of the beauty industry. The company itself is the largest 'Flash Lamp' producer in the world and last year alone sold over 12,000 machines in France alone. This incredible success story started more than five years ago when the French Innovator Yves Vincent Brottier went on a TV programme in France which is the equivalent to Dragons Den in the UK. He secured finance for his innovative technology and now more than five years later sits on the panel as one of the judges on the show. Its a remarkable success story.

The French Company has now got its sights set on the UK and Ireland market to market their affordable 'Pay as You Go' monthly rental system and make the opportunity available to every beauty professional. There is a highly experienced management structure in place. Their mission is to place a Program E>O IPL hair removal system in every beauty salon in Europe. This is a fairly ambitious plan you may say but with over 50,000 IPLs now sold in France they are the household name that everyone is talking about. Program E>O is now offering a free one day training and dates run every day of the week in Covent Garden so if you want to know more about IPL hair removal technology and decide if its right for your business whether you are a beauty therapist, spa, clinic, nail bar or pharmacy you really ought to check out this opportunity, they even offer a 30 day free trial at the beginning to work with the system yourself.

Their website is at www.programeo.co.uk.
You can contact them on 0207 717 8450 or by email on programeo.ipl@gmail.com and find them on Facebook.com/programeo_ipl and Twitter.com/programeo_ipl.

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