Valuable Life Skills for Happiness at Work

Published on: 8 Sep 2019

What makes us happy

Finding the perfect fit can be somewhat challenging, yet through time and life experiences our perspectives on what truly makes us happy changes.  Initially for the most part, all of us are driven by financial means.  In order for us to survive this wonderful thing called life and all of its expectations we need to feel financially secure. 

Ultimately, this being the No. 1 motivation, our job and career must leave us feeling financially secure to enjoy life, pay bills, purchase luxuries etc.  Some of us are extremely driven by the career ladder and find happiness with progression and promotion again resulting in outstanding financial rewards. But it can be more about the recognition than the financial gain in this aspect of happiness.  Then there’s nothing more than the love of the job; this is more powerful than any of the above because with it the universe seems to bring them all at once in one great big bag of happiness.

Feeling Motivated

In order to identify where you fit into the mould, you need to be comfortable in your own skin, confident in your own abilities and able to identify with what motivates you to get out of bed on a daily basis. If you can say you are in a job you love, you feel appreciated for what you bring to the table, you yourself feel that you contribute to the success of your business or place of work then surely that would result in you feeling happy right?  

This is not always the case. Sometimes we can feel we give it our best yet our best doesn’t seem enough to make us feel happy. It can be demotivating to be unable to enjoy the finer things in life that should follow hard work, dedication and success.  It’s during these times our life skills step in and allow us to take control of the situation.  Without sounding patronizing here, age and experience is where this knowledge comes from.  

When we first start out in any career the excitement of the job or simply getting ‘A JOB’ can be the driving force into making decisions. Sometimes we don’t have a choice and take the first opportunity that comes our way. Sometimes we push so hard to work for a specific company that we feel would be the most amazing experience, we lose the other factors of what will ultimately make us happy.  When we’re young and have no fear and no cares in the world we allow ourselves to make flash in the pan decisions, but as life goes on we begin to identify with the most important person, in the quest for happiness, and that’s you! 

Your Destiny

Here you are, taking control of your own destiny, a very powerful place to reach in life.  The world is your oyster, you just have to find the right shell, and once you have, your driving force of feeling truly happy will change. You may find money is not as important to you, the work environment is not giving your soul food on a daily basis or you may have just outgrown the company and/or role. 

This is where your life skills are working at their best. You’re listening to your inner soul and trying to fulfill what it needs. If you look at some of the most successful people in the world today, money, power and success came at top of the list for their driving force on a daily basis. But you see, once we reach that pinnacle in life we tend to look at what we ultimately gain from the money, power and success.  All of these three things allow us the freedom to be happy. 

Money and financial gain allow us to buy the beautiful homes; spend time with our loved ones on well-deserved holidays abroad; nice cars to get to and from work; the modern day luxuries we all love.  Power is how we should feel inside, not to the world. If you love what you do and are successful in your chosen vocation you should feel powerful and should, by right, give yourself a massive pat on the back; nobody got you to this place but you, your inner motivation and well-earned, valuable life skills. 

You’ll be amazed at how the universe unfolds once you’ve reached this place. You’ll no longer feel as if you’re chasing your tail, trying to secure the next best job. The job ultimately finds you when you’re ready for it and like most things in life, once we’ve found our happy place, everything around us seems to be just right also! 

True Happiness

It’s really important that you not only learn to appreciate the point you’ve reached in your life to truly feel this good about yourself, learn to share it also. Sharing your life experiences, life decisions you’ve made over the years, be it or good or bad, can have a tremendous effect on others.

Just speaking about your past, where you were to how you’ve come to be, can make such a positive impact on others.  Sometimes, without even realizing it, you become an inspiration to others that may be faced with similar decisions or situations that you once found yourself in.  A word of wisdom can go a long way; not only will it make you feel even better about yourself, you have the power to help someone else reach their ultimate place of happiness!