Wax and Relax with Priti Coles Speciality Waxer

Q. What is your background?

I have a holistic therapy background.

Q. What do you do now?

I am a speciality waxer and for the past 7 years have been specialising in everything and anything to do with waxing; face, Hollywood, Back Sack & Crack, Playboy, you name it.

Q. What led you to focus on waxing?

Me wanting to be hair free myself really. There didn't seem to be anybody offering fully the type of wazing I wanted for myself.

I went on courses and nobody was really teaching me anything I didn't already know.

Because I had an interest in it and because I wanted to be the best I ended up teaching myself a lot of what I know. And because I'm largely self taught, a lot of what I offer my clients when they're being waxed is unique.

Q. Can you give us an example of this?

Yes, I have for example introduced breathing techniques ino the waxing treatment.

This came from working as a personal trainer and doing body building for 8 years.

In body building when you're lifting large weights, you can be in a lot of pain if you don't have the right posture or breathe properly. When the body is expending most energy you need to deflate the lungs.

And so with waxing I get my clients to take a deep breath and then blow out at the same time as I do the peel. This gives them strength and helps them deal with any pain so that the procedure is virtually painless.

And of course because they're concentrating on something else they feel in control and involved in the whole process.

Q. Where do you work out of?

I've never worked in a salon. I prefer to work from home.

It's more private and discrete for my clients. I pride myself in having complete discretion. A lot of my clients are celebrities and whilst it would be easy for me to reel of names and juicy stories, I won't.

I might have built up my substantial client list quicker had I spilt the beans from the start but that's not what it's about.

Q. What makes a good Speciality waxer?

To be a good therapist you need a nice nature. It's simply not enough to have been through the training you need the ability to bond with people and put them at ease.

You have to treat them how you would like to be treated yourself.

I like to give my customers control. If somebody comes into my therapy room for a Playboy or something similar then they have to take their pants off. And I need them to feel completely comfortable and in control.

With my holistic background, I also believe in a therapist not just being there for their client in the beauty sense but as a counsillor too. Sometimes people can walk into your therapy room a bit downhearted and miserable and if you can take some of that away then you've done a good job.

It's all about making people feel happy and good about themselves.

Q. Have you noticed any changes in the market?

Yes, I've noticed that over the years clients are becoming more and more forthcoming and less embarassed about asking for 'speciality' waxes.

This is great because I'm Midlands based and noticed in the beginning that people in general were quite fuddy duddy about certain 'special' waxings. There is a definate divide between London, Midlands and the North of England in terms of what treatment people have. If I'd be running this service from London I'd have been inundated from the start.

Actually I remember that when I first started up my waxing business some people thought I was actually operating a brothel. Men would ring up for treatment and ask 'if I offered anything else'! Can you imagine?

Q. What frustrates you?

I get frustrated when people make comments about charges. I give a quality service, using only the best waxes and so have no issue with my charges

Q. What would you like to see happening in the world of waxing?

I would like to see a greater public awarness of 'pubic etiquette'.

This is happening slowly, largely being spread by word of mouth and by articles that are written about me and appear in top magazines like Harpers and Queen & Tatler.

I'd also like to see more emphasis given by salons to cleanliness and hygiene. In my experience, not all places are clean. They rush to get clients in and out of the salon.

And some places are greedy, they use the cheapest waxes so they make more profit.

It's so wrong. You have to clean the wax pot in between with the right cleaning products and try and use the best products. That is what will guarantee repeat clientele.

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