Waxing Specialist

Job Description (What the job involves)

Waxing is generally around 60% of any salons business, so a lot of each day will be filled with general strip waxing.

If you decide to specialise in waxing, your day will be filled with waxing every body part, from head to toe and you'll use both strip wax and non strip wax.

To be a true waxing specialist, you need to be skilled at waxing both men and women. You need to think long and hard if you feel comfortable with this. If you don't then only wax women as there's nothing worse than a salon that offers only mens back waxes.......leave that to those who are happy to wax every part of a man's body.

The Interview

During your interview, you should ask specific questions about the type of waxing you'll be required to do. Ask if you'll be required to do Intimate Waxing and if you don't feel comfortable doing this, then say so at the time.......not once you've started the job. More and more clients want Intimate Waxing so I would suggest that if you're not happy doing it, then maybe beauty isn't the job for you.

Ask if you'll be required to wax men. Again, if you're not happy doing so, then say so. It's only fair to your employer to be honest from the start.

Skills and Personal Qualities

Becoming a Waxing specialist is a very rewarding, lucrative and fun career. Every day, you'll be helping clients to feel better about themselves and boosting their confidence. It's physically demanding and at times, quite exhausting, so you need lots of energy and strong hands. You need to be tactful and sensitive as you'll be dealing with the most private of body parts. You'll also need to be professional and confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

Entry Requirements

A qualification in basic waxing is all that's required at the moment, however, that's all about to change and a qualification in Intimate Waxing will be required in the not too distant future

The tradition has been for waxing to be included as part of a general beauty therapy qualification. However, more and more people are choosing to take a stand alone course and specialise in waxing, particularly Intimate Waxing. A basic qualification will generally cover warm wax/strip wax only. The trend now is to be experienced in hot wax/non strip so if you want to get ahead in the waxing world, you really do need to be competent and confident in both types of wax.

A qualified waxer can go ahead and carry out Intimate Waxing without training but I would strongly advise against this. Intimate Waxing should be taken very seriously as without the correct training, it's easy to cause injury to your client and you or your employer could be left open to being sued. This aside, you wouldn't want to cause unnecessary pain to your client and you want them to recommend you and to return again and again.

Wax well and you'll be turning clients away as you'll be in high demand and won't be able to fit them in. Wax badly and your clients will run for the hills and before you know it, your appointment book will be empty.

So, the moral of the story is to get the best training........not the cheapest.

Advanced waxing training is in high demand and the right training will open doors for you. The Kim Lawless School of Wax run BABTAC accredited courses, from Absolute Beginners to Male or Female Speed Waxing, Male or Female Intimate Waxing, Brow Design and Materclasses and Skill Building. Courses are held throughout the UK and Europe. Please feel free to contact us for a friendly chat about training or email us for course details.


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Opportunities and Progression

The waxing world is changing and there are so many opportunities for experienced and skilled waxers to increase the takings of the salon and in turn, increase their own salary.

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Potential Salary and Benefits

If you hold a basic waxing qualification, your starting salary would be the same as the going rate for general beauty. If you have had advanced training in Intimate Waxing, I would suggest that you negotiate a commission based salary which can be very lucrative for both you and the salon.

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