We look at where a beauty career can take you

When you think about a career in beauty you may be thinking that although the industry is quite large your career options will be quite narrow. I’m here to tell you that is not the case, especially working within the age of social media and networking, the possibilities are limitless – it depends on how far your imagination can take you and how far you are willing to push yourself in order to make your dream a reality?

As you embark on your beauty career you will have had prior training and once you have completed your Level 2 Beauty Therapy or equivalent you have the power to drive your career in which ever way you would like to direct it, below I will list some of the options that may appeal to you;

Your Beauty Career - What are your options?

  • Beauty Salon – Working within a salon is a great way to build up experience, you will interact with a large number of customers and build up regulars as you go along your journey. It is the perfect opportunity to refine professional skills and gives you a great base in order to grow from what you have previously learnt. Here you will provide a wide range of treatments which could be anything from basic manicures & pedicures to pampering your client with a facial to a full body wax, you might find it isn’t repetitive as you will be expected to provide a range of treatments.
  • Specialist – Leading on from as Level 2 you can further train in some specialist techniques such as semi permanent lashes, nail extensions or HD Brows etc. This job would involve building up a loyal client base who love the way you provide treatments whether it be your technique, style or an individual flare they like about you. Personally I think that this job requires you to be somewhat of a perfectionist, as you will be doing the same treatments over and over again to a very high standard.
  • Clinician – Want something a little more in depth? This could be perfect for you! When taking on a job as a clinician you will need to have a Level 3 or 4 qualification which means added training to learn more about anatomy and physiology, be able to carry out treatments such as micro dermabrasion, galvanic facial/body treatments, lipo freeze and much more. You could learn these techniques as part of a full time course or train on a module by module basis.
  • Makeup Artist – Do you have a creative flare? Love doing other peoples makeup? Need a job that works around you? This could be what you are looking for.

Depending on your makeup skills you may need to take additional courses and training, you may decide to special in bridal makeup or want to build a portfolio and offer your services to photographers/publishers. Sometimes this job can mean working unsociable hours but it may also mean taking a job that you really want and you will have to brush up on your networking skills in order to build up a rapport and show people what you can do.
Salon Owner/CEO/Franchise – Owning your own business is exciting/stressful/rewarding but above all it can be such a good opportunity if you are able to work towards goals. This is something that wont happen over night but if you stay determined, have a vision in mind and work towards this vision you will achieve your goals. The hardest part of building a business is usually about finding your brand culture – what I mean by this is branding your business, learning what you are good at, developing what you are good at and promoting that to the world (or specific target area), there is usually a few learning curves with this one but just remember that if you have the knowledge and the drive to do it then you will achieve.

The above are just a handful of the beauty careers that are available, with new ones popping up every day. There’s always new development within the beauty industry and it really is a career that you can grow with, you can chose to keep your career central with regular customers or you may decide that you would like to travel for your work offering specialist techniques and expand upon your business in the future; which ever way you decide to spin your career you can make it work for you. Here are a few key points to remember to matter which direction you decide to take;

  • Be Friendly – I know this sounds like a no brainer but it really is key when building up a client base, you will be working with people on a daily basis its handy to be able to relate to people and allow them to open up to you which in turn make them feel welcome.
  • Relaxing – You must have the ability to make your clients feel relaxed, whether this be your tone of voice or the environment you are working in, if clients feel relaxed it will be a place of calm for them and something that they will want to experience again and again.
  • Able explain yourself clearly – This one is important as you will be explaining the treatments you are carrying out on your clients to your clients, it aids to them feeling welcome. It allows them to put their faith in you and trust you to deliver a good treatment because you are able to explain the procedure confidently.
  • Able to sell yourself – No matter what business you are in, regardless of whether you are an employee or employer you will need to be able to sell yourself, accurately. Confidence in what you do and the way you portray yourself is vital because you are your business, this is the first thing that people see and it creates a first impression. By no means am I telling you not to be yourself or be something that your not but what I am saying is that you need to learn your strong points if you don’t know them already and sell them! Sell them to your customers, sell them to your employees, sell them to everyone because you never know who may be seeking your specialized skill set, it will naturally grow confidence within yourself and therefore your career.

Hopefully this has helped you think about the direction you want to take within the beauty industry, I haven’t included rates of pay in this article because I believe that the beauty industry can span as far as you want it to and the earning possibilities are vast. However it all depends on variables such as how busy you want to be, your branding and marketing, the path you take etc. I will list a website below that you may be interesting in reading. Good luck for the future!

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