Web Friendly Adverts

If you wanted your job advert to stand out in a newspaper or specialist magazine the following would be important considerations; grabbing headline, advertisement size, mono or colour, use of a powerful image. This is because you'd want your job advert to stand out from the rest and the reader's choice of which advert  to read would be largely governed by which advert stood out visually and had the most impact on the page.

With online job adverts the rules of what makes for a great advert are different. It's all about the clever use of key words within your job advert and making sure that when a jobseeking candidate matching your requirements types in their search terms, your job advert shows up on the first page of search engine results. Search engines don't care about how striking your logo is or powerful the image is on your job advert, it's about the clever use of words.

Choosing a high ranking job board such as Hairandbeautyjobs.com will significantly increase the chances of your advert being viewed by hair and beauty industry jobseekers, as the site ranks incredibly well on search engines for job search phrases. But did you know that you could also have your individual  job advert showing up on search engine results which is good news for you and us.

5 easy to follow steps to making your job advert web friendly

1. Choose a commonly known industry job title

You have to think like a candidate. What are they going to type in when searching for a job? A beauty therapist would probably type in 'beauty jobs' or 'beauty therapy jobs'. Within your company you might call the role something different such as 'beauty facilitator' but it's probably not going to be a common search phrase and it seriously reduces the chances of your job advert being ranked. Go with well known industry job titles rather than lesser known company job titles.

2. The importance of 'Location'

Again, think like a candidate. Some employers insist on asking for their advert to be placed under 'nationwide'. A beauty therapist looking for work in London is more likely to type in 'Beauty jobs in London' rather than 'Beauty jobs Nationwide' so make sure your job advert is fully optimised for location. Be precise, if your salon is based in Putney, then make sure you mention it's in Putney, London within the advert.

3. Include 'key words' and 'key search phrases'

Think about what potential candidates for your job vacancy would be typing in when looking for work. Write them down and then simply make sure they appear in your advert. Having your key words or phrases about three times is ideal. Any more than that and you risk your advert being viewed by the search engines as spam and then there's zero chance of it being ranked. And avoid simply listing your key terms, incorporate them into proper sentences.

Optimising your job advert text is easier than you may think. Instead of writing 'You should be qualified in NVQ level 3' you could write 'We are looking for a beauty therapist that is qualified in NVQ level 3' or 'As a beauty therapist you will be qualified to NVQ level 3 in beauty therapy'

4. Include an advert headline that contains 'keywords'

It's a good idea to include a headline to your job advert that contains some of the key words you are looking to optimise. For example; 'Exciting career opportunity for beauty therapist, brand new salon in Putney, London'.

5. Avoid temptation of including a few lines

It's worth spending  a little time in structuring your advert so it's relevance is improved for search engines and candidates alike. Avoid the temptation therefore of writing a few brief notes. It's important to list what sort of company you are, the relevant skills and experience you're seeking in a candidate, role requirements, job / company benefits etc. This will make your advert more relevant to search engines and more appealing to candidates. It will also secure you more 'targeted' candidates.

It's easier than you think to write a job advert that is well optimised for the search engines. If in doubt just try and give the information you would want to have access to as a candidate and you won't be far off the mark.

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