What Could be More Rewarding?

You get the picture. You're beginning to unwind after a busy day at work. The children are asleep. You sip your wine and settle down to watch the latest episode of Desperate Housewives. Then of course the phone rings.

Beauty therapist, Tess Lambert, explains why spa treatments are a must for the modern woman.

Working in the spa industry is an ultimately satisfying experience.

The Spa Boom 

We are currently experiencing a significant boom in spas and spa treatments not only in England, but throughout the developed world. The reasons for the sudden boom can vary.

Firstly, the modern woman has never had as much disposable income. Spa treatments are a luxury that people can afford.

The pace and stresses of life have rarely been so demanding. A recent survey published in 2007 demonstrates that city workers walk much faster than they did ten years ago. The speed of life needs to be balanced with relaxation. Spas offer the opportunity to relax and slow down.

There is currently massive emphasis on healthy life style. The fact that spas are often located alongside gyms and swimming pools means that, in the eyes of the public, spas are associated not only with relaxation, but with health.

In other words, spas are now playing a really meaningful part in modern lifestyles. The knock-on effect of this is that the spa industry contributes significantly to the country's economy and employs several thousand workers.

Working in Spa 

From my personal point of view, working in a spa is a real privilege. Clients visit the spa weighed down with the everyday stresses of modern day living - whether it be parental responsibilities,pressures of work or complicated relationships. Performing a treatment leaves the client feeling like a different person. The soothing oils, calming music, scented candles and my touch contribute to the blissful feeling of wellbeing.

After performing treatments, my clients often say 'Thankyou. I feel a different human being.' What could be more rewarding than that?


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