What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

Cosmetic Tattooing is a treatment that has been around since Cleopatra,and in our ever-ageless world has become just as popular as Cosmetic Surgery. This is a para-medical treatment that offers fullness to fading and shrinking lips, highlight and definition to eyes and perfection to eyebrow shapes. It is performed like a traditional tattoo; however a pigment is used instead of Indian Ink. This is for cosmetic reasons, allowing breakdown over a 3-5 year period, allowing for change with age and fashion trends. By being a pigment rather than an ink, also means it has very few allergic reactors.

Now I know that some of you would be thinking to yourself - Who would have that done and Why? The answer is probably someone you already know. The treatment is beneficial to executives needing to be well groomed at all times, busy mums who no longer have time for makeup application, sportswomen, and the more mature woman wanting to re-enhance their appearance and look younger. If you look around, most people have uneven eyebrows (normally due to being over-waxed or plucked), seven out of ten women wear lipstick, and six out of ten wear eyeliner. So having this treatment done by a qualified and competent practitioner, not only saves time in the mornings, it makes you look great all the time, and corrects or enhances your natural features. Once again if your practitioner is competent and artistic, the procedures should make you look like a more enhanced and youthful YOU, not a branded mannequin.

Lots of people ask or worry about pain factor, especially as treatments are on the face. Generally the procedures only cause mild discomfort, and strong topical anaesthetics are on hand to help alleviate your discomfort. Swelling can occur and last 24-48 hours (home care is advised on how to minimise swelling and have the best result). There are a lot of people out and about doing procedures like these with minimal qualifications, which obviously is very scary, especially if they are going to touch your face If this is a treatment that interests you, I can tell you personally from having it done, that for me is marvellous, and a great time saver. My eyebrows are symmetrical all the time, no longer needing eyebrow pencil, I look like I have eyes when I wake up, and my lips always have colour in them. Fantastic for a quick get away in the mornings, just applying some mascara and lip gloss.

Make sure you look into your practitioners qualifications, their before and after photos, and don't just choose a practitioner on price alone, remember your not purchasing a lipstick-this is a para-medical procedure. This means there is down time (healing time),there will be swelling and your not going to initially walk out feeling like Princess Diana. Make sure your well prepared for this, and that your practitioner has answered all your questions, and is using all disposable equipment(needles, gloves etc).

My qualifications for these reasons were of utmost importance to me. I am and have been an Aesthetician (para-medical Beauty Therapist) and Make-up artist for 18 years and a qualified Cosmetic Tattooist for 8 years. I researched and studied Cosmetic Tattooing with an international practitioner for 2 years and did advance training with Australia's pioneer of tattooing.

Please make sure your practitioner of choice, hasn't only done a two day course. If you would like some questions answered or some free advice please email Melissa on meldaniels@aapt.net.au or to talk to her personally call Sydney Number 02 96057757


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As mentioned Melissa has been a qualified Cosmetic Tattooist for 8 years, she has a business based in the South West of Sydney, and is on the referral list of many Beauty Salons, and Cosmetic Physicians

Making everyone look and feel their best is her passion. Call for a chat on 02 96057757


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