What Lies Ahead in the World of Spa

The Techies of our industry are exploding with excitement and ideas and our relaxed, more earth-based peers are absolutely ecstatic with how advanced the industry has become ‘World Friendly’.

Let’s start with that.

Our OZONE conscious businesses, or ‘O-so-soothing-Zone’ spas as I like to call them

These have now been given the massive support of the industry to believe that wanting to produce an amazing Spa based on Nature and its contents is not only O.K, it’s very cool! 

Most natural-based Spas truly have a huge task to keep up with today’s growing trends in the industry. More and more Spas however, are leaning towards the ‘Indigenous’ approach. This allows them the point of difference from their local/nationwide competitors. Embracing the raw, natural, age-old culture of tried and tested local ingredients or history, they are turning it into something not only wonderful, but quite profitable to say the least.

This isn’t an easy task to do; some have been known to look at this approach as lazy, not wanting to think outside of the box and get with the times. Ignorance is bliss when you have proven success! Believe it or not, our environmentally friendly Spas have quite a lot of work cut out for them to ensure they meet certain standards of the environment. It truly does take pride, determination and passion to truly believe in nature alone.

It brings back the age-old question of how did we survive without the technical support of machinery today? The big difference between then and now is advanced knowledge, not only of products used but sustainability on today’s environment.  Technology today has allowed the chance to take something natural and turn it into something super-natural. With its proven results and with the industry as BIG as what it is today this market is most certainly taking the lead when it comes to being ‘earth, world, ozone, sustainable’ friendly.  Never ever underestimate the power of nature, all that it grows and all that live in it!

NG –SPA – ‘Next Generation Spa’ the massively growing trend for all teenagers worldwide

The focus for this concept of future business is preventative measures at its peak.  The ‘catch them while we can’ concept!  Teenage Spas have a constantly evolving focus; therefore the Spas that choose to go down this route have the innate ability to change with the times, trends and ages.  Does this give them an edge when it comes to future styles and trends? Absolutely. It does however require a fast-paced, free flowing financial backup plan in order to meet the needs of the what’s ‘IN/OUT’ right now in the lives of the next generation. 

The major advantage these Spas hold is that teens are so much more educated today than we ever were with regard to R&R, maintenance and looking good in general. As it stands, the Teenage market as a whole is a billion dollar market; just remember, you have to be in it to win it. You need to be 100% in tune with their wants and desires…. tap into that and you will be as popular as the group of kids they hang out with…if not more!

Finally we have the ‘Fast paced, High-tech, Chique ‘N’ Unique, move over IPAD Spa! 

This applies to the electrical, mechanical, advanced-medical and non-medicinal Spas.  All over the world right now we have high tech companies searching and researching for the ‘Next Best Thing’ when it comes to Spa equipment etc. 

Medical will go to the next level of technology, no doubt making processes simpler and less time consuming to ensure maximization of each treatment. The injectables of this world will slowly become a thing of the past with much more advanced laser solutions to take over.

Above all, Spa owners will be looking at what gives the client more control to get ‘what they want, when they want it’.  With Smart phones and iPADS today, businesses will begin to create their own version of APPS; which will allow their clients, within reason to see what services are available and give them the freedom to play along with the APP and relax to their heart's content.

This works in two ways. It is an amazing tool to cross-sell/ up-sell services and to add retail home care regimens. It can educate clients prior to even entering the room to whet their appetite, just as online food menus do for us.

We can’t wait to get into the restaurant to eat what we’ve read. The environments will contain a host of play tools, such as personalized tablets to welcome the client where all of their documentation is held. This means no more paperwork and it will all be synced beautifully into your main data base that can be used as reminders on clients’ last visits, or when purchased products are due to be replaced. Basically, you are creating a space that will make life easier for your clients and your business as a whole. 

BUT, and all of this comes with a BIG but: where do your existing staff fit into this future plan?  Sometimes we create monsters that become scared of change and don’t want to envision such advances taking place. They may feel they can continue to succeed in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

This again is where as a business owner or Spa Director, it is imperative that in order to change with the times you need your staff and whole company to buy into the long-term goals. Be prepared for resistance; it’s the brain’s natural way of defending what it knows best.  Get your staff involved; get them excited and simply sit back and watch your business go from a ‘Spa of the past to a Spa of the Future’…

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