What Makes an Extraordinary Spa Manager?

Your Team

The biggest mistake most unsuccessful Spa Managers tend to make is not identifying the role your team play in your ultimate goal for success.  Without them, you simply can’t function so it is imperative from day 1 that you see yourself as very much a part of the team.

Your team are only as good as their leader and given the right guidance, motivation, support and encouragement they turn into a team who want to work ‘with you’ as opposed to ‘for you’.  Your team believe it or not can actually feed you with vital information on a daily basis of how to continue to improve your operation.  What was once known as moaning about a situation, product or service can actually be taken, and should actually be taken, by you as an opportunity to improve your existing business

If you’re smart you will take this knowledge and do everything in your power (within reason) to listen and act on any and all information filtered through to you, for several reasons.  The first being that you are instantly making an impact to improve the service provider performance, which will in turn result in them providing an even better experience for the client. In turn, you are helping with your overall client retention which will not only translate into higher revenue but you will more than likely be receiving a few referrals from that client, so it’s a win-win situation all around.

The Bigger Picture

An extraordinary Spa Manager never asks ‘what’s in this for me’?

They completely understand that their success depends on how they react to the overall business. Walking in on a daily basis you almost have to look at each day from a fresh perspective, as if it’s Groundhog Day and today is your first day on the job.  Not only will this help to inspire you, it will inspire everyone you come into contact with each day.

Your role and business is so much more than just ensuring your team is happy. You must look at every area of the business as a profit center and I don’t just mean money. Ultimately that’s what it boils down to; a very lovely and healthy Profit and Loss statement but there are lots of steps you must reach in order to make that happen.  Some Spa Managers are quite happy to ‘plod’ in a role if the business seems to be running smoothly but is that the right approach or attitude that will take you to the next level of being good to being extraordinary? NO.  You have to constantly challenge yourself on a daily basis.

Look at the foundation of what you offer; does it meet the needs and desires of today’s ‘Hot Trends’ in the industry?  That doesn’t mean to say that if you are not launching the latest and greatest thing out on the market today it makes your Spa less appealing.

What it means is are you looking at how you can possibly improve upon your existing menu to spice things up, especially if you are restricted from a budgetary standpoint as most corporate companies are.  Do you work in an environment that you would like to spend the day at with your friends?  If not, then why not?  Taking great pride in your environment is a huge step towards loving going into work and dreading it.

Your surroundings are a great reflection on who you are as a Spa Manager, believe it or not, and again if you can find room for improvements then you are working with ‘Your eyes wide open’.  Having the ability to constantly strive towards improving your business is what will set you aside from the norm, however seeing it and actually following through to makes things happen are two different things.

Each revenue center in your operation should receive the same amount of attention as each other.  Granted, some more than others but ultimately this is where you come in.  Having the ability to prioritize each one.  What area will make the biggest impact once you’ve identified the room for growth?  Be smart, work smart not necessarily hard.  There are lots of times where you may find yourself challenging your own decisions and ideas; which is really healthy believe it or not.  Get your team involved when this happens.  You may find they take your good idea and turn it into something great.

Believe in Yourself

Above all, you truly have to have faith in your ability to succeed. If you have drive and determination you can overcome most obstacles, learn from them and take them with you into the next day.  In order to truly reach the ‘Elite’ stage of Spa Management you must above all be open to learning yourself also.

The industry is constantly changing and evolving.  If you plan on being a part of that elite group then challenge yourself in the way you challenge your team to succeed.  A thirst for knowledge is a very rare quality to have, not only does it feed you with education on the industry it keeps you one step ahead of the competition. If you’re going to be a Spa Manager, be an outstanding one; you will never live to regret it.

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