Why do Women Wear Make-up?

From a young age we become aware of the benefit of make-up. Most little girls love all things pretty. As girls we grow up watching our Mothers or older sisters applying make-up, observing the application process is mesmerizing and the result amazing.

As we grow into young women, we learn to apply make-up ourselves, we practise and experiment until we have mastered the art. We find a style that suits us but, from time to time we like to be adventurous and create a new look. Celebrity culture encourages us to be aware of our appearance, in many ways they are our style icons. They like to re-invent themselves which inspires us to do the same. Some women, find a look that suits them, they are happy with that style and are reluctant to change, whilst others often continue to renew their appearance.

Make-up becomes part of the daily routine. It is as important to apply it as it is to take it off. We have acknowledged the fact that cosmetics are better applied on a fresh face and in turn the skin care regime helps to create the perfect look we crave. Cleansing away the last trace of make-up before we tone our skin is just as important as showering and cleaning our teeth. Then we moisturise our skin so, that it feels soft and new. Now we feel rejuvenated we can apply a new layer of make-up¦ Our second skin!

Women love to receive compliments for the way we look, it makes us feel special and boosts our confidence. Every day we try to look our best, it seems to improve our well-being and makes us feel great about ourselves. We make a greater effort for special occasions. Whether it be a night out, a party or a wedding. We plan with military precision, how we will create our extra special look. We buy a new outfit, shoes and accessories. Our hair and nails are getting special treatments and we may even treat ourselves to other luxury pampering treats.

The finishing touch to that perfect new look is our make-up. It may be that we want to accentuate our eyes with a bold new colour, elongate our lashes with super thickening mascara or pay more attention to our lips to create the perfect pout. We want our make-up to make a statement, because when we look gorgeous on the outside, we feel fantastic on the inside.

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