Why Make-up Artists are an Important Aspect of Weddings

This is probably another reason why as a professional make-up artist I often get last minute calls from desperate brides who, on getting closer to the wedding date, realise they don’t want to risk doing their own! It’s worth remembering that although a huge emphasis is put on the wedding dress for the big day your face will be the most photographed part of you so its hugely important to get your make -up right.

So why should you consider using a make-up artist for your big day? Or perhaps the question really should be why would you not use a professional?!

Bridal make up is very different to everyday makeup so although you may be happy with how you apply make-up daily there are many more considerations for your big day!


Choosing the right product isn't as simple as just choosing the colours you like.

It's important to take into consideration colour matching your skin correctly to ensure the base products match your skin colour and tone perfectly and take into account your skin type. You don’t want a matte, oil free finish if your skin is dry as it will feel uncomfortable and not look great on the skin, likewise if you have a skin that tends to shine you will want to go for a product that can help to control excess shine so you don’t look’ sweaty’ in the photographs.

It's also important to know which products will work with the camera to ensure no issues such as flashback and too much shine. Products with SPF and some without, can cause flashback from the camera, when the skin looks paler and ghostly. This is only really of concern if you are getting photographed with a direct flash, think paparazzi, red carpet events, however it is worth considering for wedding make up too.

Glowing, dewiness, lit from within are all key words many brides want to reflect how they want their skin to look on the day. Beware though! Too much product, using it in the wrong place and using the wrong colour for your skin can result in skin looking sweaty or like you’re going to a 70’s disco! These are just some of the many considerations your makeup artist will work through and have the experience to know how to do to give you the best look possible.

They will also be able to advise you at your make-up trial how to look after your skin prior to the day to get the best results from your make up too as make-up will only work at its best with a well-cared for skin


Make-up really needs to last the whole day and night and a make-up artist knows exactly what products to use to ensure this happens. They also have the experience and techniques to ensure the correct product is applied effectively to achieve this with minimal maintenance throughout the day.


A professional bridal make-up artist will have worked with many brides and seen many wedding days so they have the experience to know that you need to have the morning and preparation planned down to the last minute. They will schedule your make up timings ensuring that everyone is in the make-up chair when they need to be and ready on time taking the stress out of making sure everyone is where they should be on time. While it might feel that you have hours and hours to get ready time amazingly seems to go at double pace on your wedding day and your make-up artist will know just how to ensure that nobody is running late!

Time Out

Don’t forget there will be a lot going on that morning so it’s also really important to take a little bit of time out from all the stresses and be pampered by your make-up artist too. I often make sure my bride has a space away from the hustle and bustle to sit and relax and be looked after, not something that will happen if you choose to do your own. It also worth considering that you may have a few butterflies on the morning and be a little nervous, not great to be applying your own eyeliner with a shaky hand!

The extras

So often things don't always go to plan so it's really helpful to have someone with you who is experienced at wedding days. A professional make-up artist will also often on hand to help with those little issues that come up like which side to wear your corsage, helping to put it on and I've even been known to drive to the venue to deliver the bouquet when a brides forgotten it and left it behind at the hotel!

The finishing touches

When you are all getting ready to leave for the ceremony your make-up artist will be there for last minute make up fixes and lipstick top ups to ensure everyone leaves for the wedding looking perfect. They will be looking at you constantly to ensure there is no unwanted shine, you don’t have lipstick on your teeth and your bridesmaids haven’t sneakily popped to the bathroom to add too much bronzer!

In summary when you realise that the service you get from a professional bridal make-up artist covers so much more than just turning up on time to do you make up you’ll make sure to book one as early as you book your other suppliers. You want to ensure you get the best of the best to be there for you on one of the most important days of your life!

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