Why Should Beauty Therapists Work for You

Therapists can be very spoilt for choice with many top salons and beauty companies advertising their current vacancies that are urgently needing to be filled. But what will make potential candidates choose your salon over the many other salons offering desirable jobs?

Write an enticing advert

The first time beauty and spa jobseekers will hear about your company and the vacancy is probably the advert you have written advertising the role.

Often time’s candidates are searching through hundreds of jobs a day trying to find the one that best suits them. After many hours of being on the hunt they will most likely get tired of applying to those adverts that are a ‘waste of time’ and start only applying to those that sound like they are exactly what they are looking for.

This is your time to tell the therapists all about you and what makes your salon or spa different. Most therapists want to work within a nice environment, with a great team where they can feel inspired and motivated to give their best. Your advert should start off by explaining a little more about why your establishment can offer that.

If we are all honest we will admit that we don’t all go to work for the love of work. We are drawn to a job and make our decisions on whether we want to work for that particular company based on what we will potentially receive from that company. When candidates are job hunting, this is something they are particularly interested in - so don’t be shy, let them know exactly what great benefits they will be getting from working with you. From the fabulous team you have, to the great salary, working hours, commission structure and anything else you can think of. The more details you provide for the candidate, the easier you have made it for them to decide that they do want to work for you!

Progression and Training

The thought that a beauty or spa therapist could possibly progress within a company is very important to them when choosing their next job. If this is possible within your salon or spa then this will be something that sets you apart from other employers. Therapists like to know that there is the chance for their career to grow with a company giving them long term career satisfaction.

If you have a smaller salon and can’t offer career progression, then why not invest in your staff by offering them training and improving their skills. If you invest training in your therapists then you will be able to offer more services to your clients from trained professionals, which will ultimately improve your business and profits.   

Finding perfect staff can often be a difficult chore, but by enticing potential therapists with all the benefits that your salon has to offer, then there will be no question as to why a candidate should work for you. It will be the natural choice! 

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