Work Place Dress Codes for the Salon

 I think the best type of dress code is to not really have one at all, just a few guidelines...

For instance:

•    If you wear nail varnish, don’t come to work with it chipped – I think this gives the clients a bad impression and just generally looks a bit scruffy.

•    Wear sensible shoes – Im not talking about the comfortable granny type, its just common sense, hairdressing can be a tough and tiring industry so choosing your footwear wisely can really make a difference.

There are three types of salon dress code and I’ve worked within them all

1)    The first being no dress code what so ever. I think that was good as we are all individuals and in my opinion this is where I was most comfortable. I do however like to be smart every day and some colleagues would rather be more casual. 

Sometimes clients like this as you can tell a lot about someone’s personality from what they wear. Clients may chose to have a stylist that is similar to them in style and therefore they may feel like that particular person is more likely to understand their needs.

Being allowed to be me and dress how I feel best always works for me and I feel I produce my best work when I don’t have to do it in something I’m not really comfortable in. Luckily for us this seems to be the most popular choice for salon managers too.

2)    The second type of salon will have a dress code such as certain colours must be worn, for example, wear whatever you like but make it black and white. Others will say that you must be smartly dressed at all times and will just have either a uniform or a colour dress code for the assistants.

I don’t mind this as you can still keep your own style and it looks quite good - everyone can still be quite individual but they are blended together in a kind of uniform allowing you to remain you.

If it has to be any kind of uniform I would prefer it to just be the assistants that have to dress in colour-code because as I have said before, we are stylists so should be free to chose our own clothes, be individuals and attract the type of clients we want to style!

3)    The third type is a uniform. I personally think that this is a very dated idea and makes the salon seem old-fashioned. It reminds me of the 70’s and early 80’s when some hairdressers wore jump suits as uniform and they did sets and perms all day and were ‘just hairdressers’, not the stylists that most of us are today!)

In my opinion this type of uniform will attract the older clientele – but then on the other hand you may be looking to attract the older generation. This comes with the added benefit of not ruining your own clothes with bleach stains etc. I don’t think there are many salons left that still have a full uniform though and I say good riddance!

Sensible shoes are a must as although heels may looks nice they are difficult to stand in all day long. I know from my experience that a fully booked day in heels is far more tiring than a fully booked day in flats!

Also think about your health in the future, lots of hairdressers end up with unsightly and sometimes painful thread or varicous veins from being on their feet all the time which heels will not help.

It’s not a great idea health and safety wise to wear flip flops or other sorts of open toed shoes either as there’s not only a risk of dropping things on your toes but also of getting one of those dreaded hair splinters in your feet.

These are painful, easily infected and even more difficult to remove from your feet as they become embedded into the much tougher skin on your feet. This makes them even more likely to get infected and much more difficult to remove.

The most important part of any dress code, and what is always an absolute must in any salon, is to have fresh clean hair yourself. You must make sure that you are styling your own hair every day; at the end of the day, not many clients will want someone with messy unkempt hair to do theirs; if you cant even look after your own they will probably think you’re not a very good stylist and choose someone else!

My hair is long at the moment and I try to do different things with it to keep it interesting, including regular colour changes - although you don’t have to go that far it’s vitally important to have your hair looking the best it can be EVERYDAY.

This creates a ‘good advert’ for yourself as a stylist as well as representing your salon. A salon that I previously worked for had a ‘no pony tail’ policy which I think was a fair thing to have as unless its an interesting pony tail and not just a plain one, I think it gives the ‘I cant be bothered with my hair today’ impression, which is never good!

As I said before, we are all individuals and we should be keeping right up to date with hair fashions and styling ourselves to keep those old clients wanting YOU to do their hair and attracting new clients that will want you to be there stylist too as your looking so amazing yourself!

Image is so important.


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