Write a Winning Online Job Advert

Who are you?

Clearly state the name of your company and explain a little bit about who you are and what you do (even if you think everyone already knows!) Are you a new business or well established?  Are you a large organisation or a small outlet?  Are you a forward thinking and dynamic company or are you a friendly, family run business?  This will help jobseekers get a 'feel' for whether they are the right 'fit' for your organisation.

Where are you based?

Re-iterate where you are based so that applicants are clear.  For example, "We are located in Reading town centre, approximately 2 minutes walk from the train station."  You are arming jobseekers with the information they need to determine whether they can realistically commute to your location prior to application.

What is the job title and what is the job role?

Jobseekers like to know what the title of the job is and what the job involves.  Even if it is a hair stylist position and you think people should know what the job involves, it is important to tell the jobseeker some of the responsibilities.

What are you looking for?

Be clear about your expectations and state what is essential and what is simply desirable.  List qualifications, amount of experience, skill sets, attitude and character traits you require.

Why should someone want to work for you?

A job advert is like any other advert “ you are trying to sell something.  So sell it!  Boast about all the reasons someone should want to work for an amazing company like yours and make them want to click the apply now button.

Salary and benefits

Would you buy something when you didn't know how much it costs?  Possibly, but usually not.  The same rule applies to job advertising.  Your target audience is a whole host of jobseekers who are looking for that new opportunity.  They may already be in a very similar role and salary maybe a tempting factor. 

How to apply

Explain what you want the jobseeker to do next if they like the look of your job.  Give them a call to action!  Apply now on hairandbeautyjobs.com  

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