Zoe Pocock a Pioneer of the Nail Industry

Published on: 4 Mar 2016

Just who is Zoe Pocock?

Top Magazines like American Vogue and Harpers & Queen are falling over themselves to interview Zoe Pocock after her much acclaimed 'Louboutin' manicure was first featured in Grazia magazine.

The Louboutin manicure, inspired by the delectable red soled Christian Louboutin shoes, consists of a chosen single colour on the topside of the nail with a wonderful splash of red creme beneath the nail tip. As the photo in Grazia magazine showed, it was a powerful combination.

Why has it caused such a stir? Zoe has demonstrated with one incredibly simple yet powerful manicure that women's nails can be matched to their handbags, even their shoes and form part of their overall outfit and that it needn't be difficult to achieve.

Zoe works out of the exclusive Daniel Galvin Salon in London and Hair and Beauty Jobs is delighted that She has taken some time out of her heavy schedule which includes writing columns for Scratch magazine and working on the fashion circuits, to talk to us.


Q. What do you love most about the world of nails?

The diversity of the jobs and the different opportunities it affords me. you can do anything from mobile, to working in a salon, to owning a salon, to photoshoots and fashion shows. You get to meet a wide spectrum of people and these days I get to work with amazingly talented and creative people.

Q. What nail techs do you admire and why?

I admire Marian Newman for her work in fashion and Samuel Sweet for his dedication to high quality training and Leighton Denney for his awarness of the consumer market.

Q. Is there anything that frustrates you about the nail industry?

The one thing that really frustrates me is the "take a course, become a nail tech" fantasy that is spread by some nail companies.

Q. What led you to create the now infamous "Christian Louboutin Manicure"?

I wanted to create something that the consumer could replicate at home and make the point that nails are part of the finished look and as important as your shoes. I also wanted to show that it's not just about a french manicure or matching your nail colour to your lipstick but it can go with any part of your outfit, be it your louboutins, your handbag or your sunglasses even.

Q. Are you surprised by the level of interest it has created?

I was at first but it seemes to have caught people's imagination mainly because of it's simplicity.

Q. Is it in your nature to challenge and push boundaries?

Yes, I guess but anyone can do the same if they've got a good jump off point, by which I mean having all the basic skills and knowledge and then by keeping up to date with the latest techniques and trends you can come up with something new or that embodies the zeitgeist.

Q. Have you noticed any changes in consumer trends over the past couple of years?

At my end of the market definately more colour and more awareness of which colours are working with a client's style and skin tone and how this fits in with high fashion.

Q In your opinion what qualities does a top manicurist need to have?

I'm not really sure about the "top manicurist" business, it's much more important to be good at your job, by being knowledgable and up-to-date with your skills, this is just the same whether your clients are houswives and mums or celebrities and fashion magazines. Whichever it is it takes natural talent, hard work and good training to receive high standards and success.

Q. What career opportunities are there for manicurists?

There are all the opportunities here in this country that I mentioned earlier plus there are lots of opportunities to work abroad on cruise ships and in places like the Middle East.


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