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  • Why are Nightmare Clients so Important to our Career Development?

    • 30 Jan 2019

    At some point in our careers, we encounter difficult clients that make us wonder 'have they come with all intentions of giving us a hard time or have they only had a bad day and need to vent their frustration?' At times it may even seem that they take perverse pleasure in making a therapist's working day a living hell ...

  • When it's time for a Hair Loss Doctor

    • 2 Nov 2018

    It is known that a daily rate of hair loss is about 100 hairs. However, if abnormal hair loss occurs, this is the reason for the visit to the doctor.

  • Tips on Recruiting New Beauty Salon Staff

    • 16 Sep 2018

    Finding good staff can be one of the biggest challenges to an employer.

  • Tips to help you transition from salon to the fashion industry.

    • 5 Jul 2018

    Years ago a friend of mine had started her hairdressing training at college in my hometown in Essex. I was one of her helpful/brave/slightly skint friends who would let her practice haircuts on me during one of her first times picking up the scissors....

  • The implications of new qualification standards for beauty therapists & non-medical aesthetic practitioners

    • 26 Jun 2018


  • How to be the kind of therapist all employers want

    • 18 May 2018

    If you’ve chosen beauty therapy as your career of choice then put yourself at the top of every employers ‘wish list’ with our guide to the top 5 requirements for developing into the perfect therapist.

  • Cover letter

    How to Write a Good Cover Letter

    • 2 May 2018

    A cover letter is an essential part of any job application. It's surprising therefore how few jobseekers actually send one off with their CV.

  • Bridal Make-up: Do’s and Don’ts

    • 20 Apr 2018

    Most Women have had their weddings planned since childhood. They have their dresses designed, their venues picked, music chosen, sometimes they even have the man picked out, but what most people don’t think about is their make-up.

  • Facialist

    • 3 Apr 2018

    A facialist (otherwise known as a skincare specialist or facial technician) provides non-surgical skin care treatments and anti-ageing therapies to he

  • Mii Training Course

    • 22 Mar 2018

    Mii Cosmetics are offering brand new Makeup Training Courses

  • Book your course at the Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy

    • 22 Mar 2018

    In 1992, manicurist Susan Gerrard sparked a beauty revolution. By bringing Jessica natural nail care to the UK, Susan not only introduced an award winning manicure system, but developed training programmes that set a new standard in beauty services.

  • Hair stylist

    Hair Stylist

    • 21 Mar 2018

    A hair stylist (otherwise known as hairdresser, hair stylist or stylist) is a qualified hair professional that provides core hair services such as cut

  • Casual Therapist

    • 21 Mar 2018

    Casual therapists within the spa and beauty industry are typically sought by spas within hotel and health club environments. The duties of a casual th

  • Senior Stylist

    • 21 Mar 2018

    Senior stylists are hairdressers that have spent several years on the salon floor learning their craft. On the hairdressing career ladder stylists sta

  • How to Create the Non-Make up Look?

    • 15 Mar 2018

    As the warm season approaches, you might start feeling the need to not only switch from dark, heavy clothing to lighter-coloured, thinner materials, but also go for a simpler, more natural make up look. Truth is, even the seemingly easy to achieve minimalistic appearance requires a bit of effort from your part. Therefore, behold! Here is a list of steps you need to take and techniques on how to achieve the perfect non-make-up-ey look whilst, in fact, wearing make up.

  • Jobs in the Beauty Industry

    • 9 Mar 2018

    The beauty industry within the UK is booming, employs over a million people and is worth a staggering £17 billion. With growing consumer demand and evolving new trends and developments, the beauty industry continues to grow and constantly leads you to a different direction, which means you can never get bored working within the industry. We take a look at some of the key sources of employment within the beauty industry, namely therapist occupations within salons, spas and clinics, beauty re...

  • Beauty Therapist

    A Guide to Beauty Trade Tests at your Interview

    • 1 Mar 2018

    Make sure you read and take on board this advice before you take your next trade test

  • Dupes of High End Beauty Products

    • 22 Feb 2018

    When walking through the aisles of Sephora or perusing the many pages of Cult Beauty, we can’t help but take numbers into serious consideration. Choosing a product to buy is often determined by the price point. It comes naturally to us; the more luxurious and expensive, the more likely it is to work. Luckily for us, in the age of dupes you can often rest assured that a cheaper but equally as good product exists out there. If you haven’t heard of them, dupes are the revolutionary trend of find...

  • The Must Have Makeup Bag Essentials

    • 13 Feb 2018

    “The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion, but cosmetics are easier to buy,” I think we can all agree with Yves Saint Laurent on that one. There’s nothing a woman can’t do with the right mascara and lipstick, I believe!