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  • Cosmetics Beauty Advisor

    • 16 May 2017

    Within the cosmetics industry and beauty retail, beauty advisor roles are highly popular well sought after roles. Beauty Advisors may also be commonly

  • New SAKS Beauty Squad

    • 5 May 2017


  • Importance of Tips to Hairstylists

    • 25 Apr 2017

    When we eat out at restaurants, it’s the done thing to tip the waiter or waitress at least ten percent. A tip is a nice way of showing a bit of gratitude and appreciation after a fairly close interaction. It’s the same with taxi drivers. So why should we feel any differently about tipping our hair stylists? A good hairdresser not only provides a valuable service, but is also one of the most intimate customer service experiences consumers have. Tips are important to hair stylists and not just ...

  • LCBT Evening Course

    • 17 Apr 2017

    Designed to give you complete knowledge of Beauty Therapy, this course has been developed to fit in family and lifestyle commitments for those looking to train in the Beauty Industry.

  • New and Exciting Salon Products

    • 13 Apr 2017

    Our round-up of the newest and most exciting salon products on the market

  • Top tips on being your own boss

    • 7 Apr 2017

    Becoming your own boss may be one of the most rewarding career decisions you make. After all, it means you no longer have to answer to anyone but yourself. You have the power to set your own hours and shape your own working life, but while being your own boss may offer a tremendous amount of freedom, it isn’t always easy. If things go wrong, the buck stops with you. You have no one to blame but yourself, which is why it’s vital to exercise self-discipline. Here are our tips on being your own ...

  • Benefits of the Job: Beautician

    • 31 Mar 2017

    Being a beautician, like working in any trade, comes with its ups and downs. Unlike supermarkets or clothes stores where customers are always guaranteed, being a beautician is based entirely on clientele and special times of the year, when looking and feeling good is in high demand. This means that there will be periods of serious quiet, particularly if you are a make-up artist or, albeit less so, a hair dresser. But despite these periods of quiet, being a beautician, has many perks and isn...

  • Choosing the Right Work Environment

    • 31 Mar 2017

    Finding the right environment to work in is essential to a long lasting enjoyable career as a therapist.

  • What it takes to become a hairstylist

    • 31 Mar 2017

    So you want to be a hairstylist? Well that’s great because even in today’s uncertain economy there are more than 55,000 hair and beauty businesses in the UK alone, worth in excess of a staggering £6.2 billion, and the market is still growing.

  • Top 10 Essential Beauty Products

    • 20 Mar 2017

    If you were stranded on a desert island, what are the top 10 beauty products you feel you can’t do without?

  • Nutrition and Your Skin

    • 20 Mar 2017

    Skincare isn't only what you put on your skin in the form of creams and serums but, first and foremost, skincare starts with what you put into your mouth.

  • Looking After Bridal Clients

    • 20 Mar 2017

    Salon Tips for attracting and looking after bridal clients including the bridal trends, building relationships and marketing

  • Building Good Customer Relationships

    • 10 Mar 2017

    As a hairstylist just how do you go about building successful relationships with your customers? Here we have put together a hairstylist’s guide full of tips and hacks on how to do just that.

  • Transferable Spa Industry Skills

    • 10 Mar 2017

    The top transferable skills you acquire while working in the Spa industry which can be crucial to the success of any future ventures.

  • Hair Salon Product Selection

    • 10 Mar 2017

    Whether you are opening a brand new hair salon or have been in the business for years, we have provided some sound advice on the best product selection for your hair salon.

  • The Natural Ingredients Replacing Chemicals

    • 9 Mar 2017

    The Popular Natural Superfoods and Fruit Based Beauty Products Replacing Chemicals

  • Confessions of a Spa Therapist

    • 9 Mar 2017

    Several experiences that every Spa Therapist can relate to!

  • Performing well in a brow bar trade test

    • 1 Mar 2017

    A brow bar trade test can be the most daunting part of any interview, because it is not just your personality that is put on display but your actual talent and skill. But if you are honest in your oral interview about your skills, theoretically, the trade test shouldn’t be difficult.

  • 7 Deadly Beauty Product Ingredients

    • 24 Feb 2017

    Chances are most people do not take into consideration what their beloved beauty products are made of, so long as they are doing a good job. However, such behavior can be extremely detrimental to your health. Therefore, attention!

  • Chest Waxing

    • 24 Feb 2017

    Is Chest Waxing the worst pain known to man?