Freelance and Temping

  • Working freelance means being self-sufficient and finding work through freelance job adverts, self-promotion and /or through an agency.
  • Are you new to self-employment in the Hair and Beauty industry or thinking of starting your own business?
  • Redcurrant is the leading 5* temping agency specialising within the spa and beauty industry.
  • Temporary jobs for stylists
  • Beauty therapists are discovering a 'new way' of working, one that fits in with modern day, busy lifestyles and can maintain ones sanity whilst seeking permanent work. This 'new way' of working has actually been around for years but much more commonly associated with an office environment. Of cou...
  • In the past you might have associated the word "beauty" more with glamour, cosmetics and make-up, high fashion, beauty salons, "beauty contests" ... for many people it evoked images of film stars, models, luxury and self indulgence.