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  • 10 Top Tips for a successful zoom interview

    • 13 Aug 2020

    In the current climate, many employers may choose to interview using video conferencing software. This maybe for social distancing reasons is because it is simply more convenient for some positions or initial screening interviews.

  • Lorraine Jackson

    Meet the Expert: Lorraine Jackson

    • 7 Nov 2019

    Industry professional Lorraine Jackson, with 30 years’ experience in the industry has sat down to share her expertise with us.

  • Beauty Therapist

    A Guide to Beauty Trade Tests at your Interview

    • 1 Mar 2018

    Make sure you read and take on board this advice before you take your next trade test

  • Performing well in a brow bar trade test

    • 1 Mar 2017

    A brow bar trade test can be the most daunting part of any interview, because it is not just your personality that is put on display but your actual talent and skill. But if you are honest in your oral interview about your skills, theoretically, the trade test shouldn’t be difficult.

  • How to get rid of Interview Nerves

    • 24 Feb 2017

    Preparation is key in any stressful situation and none more so than a forthcoming interview.

  • Top Tips For Securing A Job As A Beauty Therapist

    • 26 Oct 2016

    The Beauty industry is huge and there is a place for everyone. Are you just starting out as a beautician or looking into training? Maybe you've been in the industry for a while but feel like theres no progression left for you? Today I’m going to share with you my 7 top tips for securing a job in the beauty industry, take these 7 tips into your next interview with you:

  • Impress your Beauty Recruitment Agency

    • 5 Mar 2016

    If you've approached some beauty recruitment agencies to assist you in your quest to find your next beauty job then whatever you do make sure you take care every time you're in correspondence with them and do your best to impress any time you meet with a recruitment consultant.

  • Body Language Tips for your Beauty Interview

    • 5 Mar 2016

    I don't know many people that relish going for an interview. Your palms are clammy and no amount of wiping them on your clothes makes it go away, your heart is pounding and you can't stop fidgeting.

  • Essential Beauty Interview Preparation

    • 4 Mar 2016

    The Essential Guide to Good Interview Preparation

  • Maintaining Self-motivation during Your Job Search

    • 4 Mar 2016

    It's easy to become despondent when you're out of work and desperately seeking alternative employment. Looking for work takes a great deal of effort and energy; looking for job vacancies, researching companies, selling yourself and yet you don't get paid for your daily efforts and have to deal with rejection.

  • Increase your Employability Factor

    • 3 Mar 2016

    During periods of economic unrest and particularly during a recession it can be more difficult to find suitable employment

  • Tips for Getting the Best Aesthetic Therapist Jobs

    • 9 Sep 2015

    Whether you are an experienced and practised professional looking to take the next step in your career or wanting to kick start a new profession to secure your opening role within the Aesthetic industry, qualifications will ensure you have the skills and knowledge to get the job you want.

  • How to Survive Steiner Training

    • 15 Dec 2014

    I started working for Steiner just over a year ago and my life has become a bit of a rollercoaster ever since.

  • How to stand out in your hair interview and trade test

    • 15 Dec 2014

    Louise Backler shares some valuable advice to stylists looking to secure their next hair job

  • Tips for Impressing at your Spa Interview and Trade Test

    • 12 Dec 2014

    Preparation, preparation, preparation! What an exciting but nervy time for you. You are possibly on the verge of embarking on a wonderful new career with a great company.

  • The Right Therapist for your Spa

    • 16 Sep 2014

    Just as the spa and beauty industry has seen a tremendous increase for over twenty years with businesses booming and becoming more affordable for clients, so too has the interest in beauty, spa and holistic careers with students at colleges, working hard to gain recognised qualifications and begin an exciting career in the industry.

  • How to Excel at your Beauty Counter Jobs Interview

    • 9 May 2014

    The perks of getting a job on a beauty counter are obvious; discounted and at times free beauty products and makeovers and the opportunity to sample the latest beauty products for free before they hit the shelves. If you have a passion for beauty products and you could easily stock a beauty counter from the products on your bathroom shelves then the job of a beauty counter assistant could be ideal for you.

  • Advice for Therapists and Nurses Looking to Carve a Career in Aesthetics

    • 17 Feb 2014

    The aesthetic sector is a continually growing and expanding industry with many many different career options available to both Beauty Therapists and Nurses. This can make your first step into the industry quite daunting as you may not know where to begin. Below I have outlined some roles that are available.

  • Your Beauty Retail Job Interview

    • 30 Jan 2014

    Candidates that get through the first round of the application process and are invited to attend the an interview for a retail beauty position are often filled with dread over what to expect.

  • Advice for your Hairdressing Interview

    • 7 Nov 2013

    When interviewing the best advice I can offer is – ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ It doesn’t matter how well you know your hairdressing trade, if you don’t practice then be prepared to not gain the employment offer at the end of your interview.