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    5 Treatments to Get You Incredible Brows for 2019

    • 11 Jul 2019
    • Hillary Kozma

    Beauty trends move fast. And thanks to social media networks like Instagram and Pinterest, they’ve never moved faster than right now. For 2019, brows are set to continue to be the defining facial feature. Skin, lips and eyes are all important, of course, but brows remain the focus.

  • Dupes of High End Beauty Products

    • 22 Feb 2018

    When walking through the aisles of Sephora or perusing the many pages of Cult Beauty, we can’t help but take numbers into serious consideration. Choosing a product to buy is often determined by the price point. It comes naturally to us; the more luxurious and expensive, the more likely it is to work. Luckily for us, in the age of dupes you can often rest assured that a cheaper but equally as good product exists out there. If you haven’t heard of them, dupes are the revolutionary trend of find...

  • Top Five Detox Myths

    • 11 Jan 2018

    Every New Year brings a fresh wave of detox products to the market. But the whole concept of detoxing has been blasted by leading healthcare experts who claim it is little more than a marketing ploy.

  • Top 5 Spa Trends

    • 8 Nov 2017

    Saunas have long been a stable at spas, but a new twist on the sauna experience has suddenly brought this oft-overlooked part of the spa experience to the forefront of everyone’s minds. And that’s the infrared sauna.

  • Choosing Which Skin Brands To Stock

    • 13 Sep 2017

    Choosing what products to stock in your salon is always tricky because there are so many different names out there and the whole experience can be a bit daunting. These tips should give you some idea of where to begin.

  • Guide to Hair Extensions

    • 12 Sep 2017

    If you would love long, thick hair but don't have the patience to wait for it to grow then you may want to consider Hair Extensions. However, if you have never used hair extensions before then it can feel a bit daunting. Then what you need is a Guide to Beautiful Hair Extensions for different needs.

  • Different types of Hair extensions

    • 29 Jun 2017

    For centuries, hair has been such an important part of the way we view beauty and ourselves. Picking the right extension that fits with your own natural beauty is an important decision and one that depends on two things: How long you want to keep the look for and how long it will take to achieve the look.

  • New and Exciting Salon Products

    • 13 Apr 2017

    Our round-up of the newest and most exciting salon products on the market

  • Top 10 Essential Beauty Products

    • 20 Mar 2017

    If you were stranded on a desert island, what are the top 10 beauty products you feel you can’t do without?

  • Nutrition and Your Skin

    • 20 Mar 2017

    Skincare isn't only what you put on your skin in the form of creams and serums but, first and foremost, skincare starts with what you put into your mouth.

  • Hair Salon Product Selection

    • 10 Mar 2017

    Whether you are opening a brand new hair salon or have been in the business for years, we have provided some sound advice on the best product selection for your hair salon.

  • The Natural Ingredients Replacing Chemicals

    • 9 Mar 2017

    The Popular Natural Superfoods and Fruit Based Beauty Products Replacing Chemicals

  • 7 Deadly Beauty Product Ingredients

    • 24 Feb 2017

    Chances are most people do not take into consideration what their beloved beauty products are made of, so long as they are doing a good job. However, such behavior can be extremely detrimental to your health. Therefore, attention!

  • The More Unusual Side of Beauty

    • 24 Feb 2017

    Here we take a look at some of the more extreme procedures on offer today and give our verdict on five favourites - all in the name of beauty.

  • Recommended Beauty Subscriptions

    • 16 Feb 2017

    If you are wanting to try the latest and best beauty products on the market then why not try one of these Beauty Subscriptions to receive products directly to your door.

  • The most popular beauty trends and treatments right now

    • 15 Feb 2017

    The next big beauty trends and treatments to have on your radar

  • Transform your skin overnight

    • 30 Jan 2017

    We all know that a decent skincare regime is key, but our night-time routine differs somewhat from our morning one - which can get a little confusing! So here are our steps on how to lockdown that night-time routine once and for all!

  • Importance of yoga for wellbeing

    • 25 Jan 2017

    I have been doing yoga for about three years now on and off, and I can safely say starting it was one of the best decisions I ever made. At first, I had my doubts. For one I had the assumption that like beauty treatments yoga was for women only. And while the vast majority of the class is comprised of women the gender balance is slowly evening out. When it was revealed that tough guy Roy Keane was doing it, the tide began to turn. Since Keane, hundreds of top athletes have jumped on the mat h...

  • Our Top 5 Beauty Bloggers

    • 29 Sep 2016

    All the need-to-know beauty stuff was once only found in the glossies (okay, feeling slightly nostalgic now *wipes tears*). But now, in our digi, social media-driven society, beauty inspo can be found everywhere. And with unlimited resources out there (Instagram, blogs, vlogs, you name it, the list goes on… and on…) providing all the info we could ever want (and, let’s face it, probably more than we need) with instant access wherever and whenever we want it, there’s no excuse for not being in...