Generic. Boring. Mainstream. Ordinary. These are words that would never be used to describe our beauty salon. We think differently. We do things differently. We are creative, innovative, unique and fun.  

Join a team of like-minded, friendly professionals. The working environment at Kozma and Kozma is unpretentious and down-to-earth… no snobbery here! 

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We offer the highest salary packages in the region. Why? Because we know that an appreciated team is a motivated team.  

Enjoy working in luxury surroundings- marble, gold and silver hand carved mirrors, intricate tiles, beautiful chandeliers.  

Love to be busy? Good. We understand one of the major concerns of making a career move is leaving an established clientele and starting from scratch to re-build a new clientele. With our beauty salon, that is not a worry. Anyone we hire has the advantage of working in our in-demand salon- your job will be retention- keep your clients coming back to you again and again. 

Founded in 2007, we have earned a strong brand and reputation. We are growing and expanding in the region. We are currently located with 3 branches in Qatar, 1 branch in Dubai, and 1 branch in Oman. We also have plans to open in more countries, soon! 

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